NCERT Class 12 Chapter 3 a wedding in Brownsville summary question answers Kaleidoscope English Elective

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NCERT Class 12 Chapter 3 a wedding in Brownsville summary question answers Kaleidoscope English Elective

Issac Bashevis Singer was a famous short-story writer of English  language. This fiction has been written by Issac Bashevis Singer and then translated in English by Chana Faerslein and Elizabeth Pollet. 

It is extracted from his collection: The Seance and A Friend of Kafka. Here the author tells a story about Dr. Solomon Margolin, a generous physician to rabbis, refugees and Jewish writers and co-editor of an academic Jewish quarterly. 

He is an activist in Jewish movement for independent state (Zionist) and one of its Board Member. Once, he was invited by Abraham Mekheles in his daughter’s marriage. 

He meets there, his Sencimer brothers and relatives He finds all people drunk there and boasting as if those are not people of this earth but supernatural. His mind and body were intoxicated worstly in that environment. 

He could not judge his falling into reminiscence of the days he had now left far behind when he had a beloved or girlfriend in Sencimen (Poland). Her name were Raizel. 

He catches a glimpse of that lady in the party however, he knows it well that her family and she herself were during world. war, killed mercilessly when he was in Poland. In a sheer ebrious state of mind, he talked with her, took her to the wedding canopy and wished to solemnise marriage with her but here also, 

he finds that his wallet was gone hence, could not arrange a penny which was mandatory for marriage ceremony as per Jewish rules. 

Finally, his dream or apparition of girl-friend vanished and he found himself among the people in the hall. He admits it a drunken stupor or illusion of the past or a long hallucination. a part

a wedding in brownsville summary

Chapter Namea wedding in brownsville
Author-Isaac Bashevis Singer (1904)
BoardCBSE & All Others boards
SubjectEnglish Elective  (Kaleidoscope)
Medium English
Study MaterialsVery important question to answer
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A wedding in brownsville summary: Dr. Solomon Margolin is a Jewish of Poland in Europe. As the Germans inflicted atrocity upon Jewish of Poland during the word wars, they were mercilessly killed and whosoever could save themselves, had subsequently styled as refugees in USA in and around Newyork there. He was the son of a rabbis (preceptor). 

His father used to teach Talmud in a school there. During his childhood in Poland, he and Raizel, daughter of a a watchman came close to each-other and by the flux of time, soon they were fallen in love. gif maker 2023 05 20T122009.719

However, owing to some differences between two families, Raizel was married with another youngchap. It caused severe pain to Dr. Margolin in his youth. 

During that time, the world wars were fought and Nazis’ of Germany killed Raizel and her family. Some families could anyhow save their necks from slaughter or massacre and settled later on as refugees in U.S.A. 

North America in and around Newyork. As Jewish were new settler there, they had constituted certain organisations and the Doctor had also participated in them. 

He was a co-editor of an academic Jewish quarterly, Board Member to Zionist organisation and used to visit in number of festivals like that of Seders (A festival for two days in memory of the day when Jewish were escaped from Egypt). 

This was his routine besides his profession as a physician. Here also he used to treat rabbis, refugees and Jewish writers without charge, for medicines and moreover, a hospital bed if found so necessary in course of treatment. He had a wife Gretl perhaps of a German origin but with no issues or children-

Margolin in Marriage Party-Once he received an invitation from a friend Abraham Mekheles who was going to solemnise marriage of her daughter Sylvia. His wife Gretll was a gentle lady, always ready to serve him at every moment. 

She was gradually, following all rites of Jewish religion. The author explains here that the Jewish religion and customs were ressed up with Christianity in USA or America. 

Dr. Margolin booked a taxi as there was heavy snowfall everywhere and it was risky to drive in the winte night. He thus, went Brownsville where the marriage party was hosted. 

On the way, he saw a pub where people were intoxicated and quarrelling with each other in obscence and foul words (speech). He also came across an accident scene on the Eastern Parkway. 

A man was being carried to an Ambulance. Dr. Margolin, as per his contemplative nature; was filled in mind, a number of assumptions for the taxi driver, the roads in Newyork, 

the places, the police carriages, the man met to accident etc. Some of these were positive while some others were negative and just trivial.

Anyhow he after all, reached at the party-hall. Here he saw and met with all his Senciminer fellows, friends and relatives. They all were drunken and he found, they were addressing hims in rustic dialects and manners. 

Here he met them, all half-heartedly but took them all as inferior to him. In the sheer commotions and hub bub, Dr. Margolin was perhaps fell in a hallucination in which he could see his beloved Raizel at the dancing floor. 

He met her and took her to the wedding canopy where he wished to set marital knot with her. But alas! his wallet was gone and he could not get a penny, mandatory to give as per Jewish canons/norms. 

In an axious mood, he wished marrying her even by violating the norms of the Jews. Suddenly, his hallucination was broken when the apparition of his beloved (which was only the creation of his mind) could not satisfy his with a report that why and who had shot her during the world war.

a wedding in brownsville summary In hindi

डॉ॰ सोलोमन मार्गोलिन में पोलैंड का एक यहूदी है। जर्मनी ने विश्वयुद्धों के दौरान पोलैंड के यहूदियों को घोर यातानाएँ दीं, वे लोग (यहूदी) क्रूरतापूर्वक मारे गये। जो बच सके वे संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका और न्यूयार्क के आस-पास शरणार्थी के रूप में बस गये । 

वह एक यहूदी धर्माचार्य के बेटा था । उसके पिता एक स्कूल में धर्मशास्त्र पढ़ाते थे । पोलैंड में बचपन में वह (डॉ० 40 मोसिन) और एक पहरेदार की रैजेल नामक बेटी एक-दूसरे के करीब आये और समय के प्रवाह के साथ एक-दूसरे के प्रेम में पड़ गये । 

किन्तु दोनों परिवारों में कुछ भेद होने के कारण रजेल काविवाह एक अन्य लड़के से कर दिया गया। इसके कारण डॉ० मागांलिन को युवावस्था में गंभीर सदमा पहुंचा। उस दरम्यान विश्वयुद्ध लड़ गये और रैजेल और उसके परिवार को जर्मन के नाजियों ने हत्या कर दो। 

कुछ परिवार किसी तरह अपनी जान बचा सक आर यू०एस०ए० और न्यूयॉर्क के आस-पास शरणार्थी के रूप में बस गये । चूँकि यहूदी लोग वहाँ के नये बासिन्द थे, उन्होंने अपने संगठन बनाये और डॉ० मागलिन ने भी उसमें भाग लिया था । 

वह एक विद्यालय त्रैमासिक पत्रिका का सह-संपादक था, यहूदी क्रांतिकारी संगठन के बोर्ड का सदस्य था और सुंदरा (मिस्र से बचकर आये हुए यहूदियों की याद में द्विदिवसीय उत्सव) जैसे उत्सवों में जाया करता था। डॉक्टरी पेशा के अलावे यह उसका कार्यक्रम था। 

यहां भी वह धर्माचायों शरणार्थियों और यहूदी लेखकों का, दवा का पैसा लिये बिना इलाज किया करता था और इलाज के दौरान जरूरत होने पर अस्पताल में शय्या की भी व्यवस्था करता था । उसकी संभवत: जर्मन मूल की पत्नी थी जिसका नाम ग्रेट्ल था किन्तु उससे कोई संतान नहीं थी। 

विवाह-भोज में मार्गोलिन-एक बार उसने अब्राहम मेकेल्स से एक निमंत्रण-पत्र पाया, जो अपनी बेटी मिल्लिया की शादी का समारोह मनाने जा रहे थे । 

उसकी (मार्गोलिन की) पत्नी ग्रेट्ल एक भद्र महिला थी और हर क्षण उसकी सेवा के लिए तैयार रहती थी । वह धीरे-धीरे यहूदियों के सभी धार्मिक कर्मकांडों का अनुपालन कर रही थी। लेखक यहाँ स्पष्ट करता है कि यहूदी धर्म और रीति-रिवाज अमेरिका या यू०एस०ए० में ईसाइयत से मिल-जुल गये हैं। 

डॉ० मार्गोलिन ने एक टैक्सी को चूँकि हर जगह भारी हिमपात हुआ था और जाड़े के रात में गाड़ी चलाना खतरनाक था । इस प्रकार वह ब्रजभिले पहुँचा जहाँ भोज का आयोजन किया गया था। रास्ते में उसने सराय देखा जहाँ लोग नशे में थे और अश्लील तथा गंदे शब्दों का प्रयोग कर झगड़ रहे थे । 

इंस्टर्न पार्क वे में उसने एक दुर्घटना का दृश्य भी देखा। एक व्यक्ति को ऐम्बुलेंस की और ले जाया जा रहा था। डॉ० मार्गोलिन के दिमाग में टैक्सी ड्राइवर, न्यूयॉर्क की सड़कें, स्थान, पुलिस-गाड़ियों तथा दुर्घटनाग्रस्त व्यक्ति के बारे में बहुत-सी कल्पनाएँ भर गयीं। उनमें कुछ सकारात्मक तथा कुछ नकारात्मक और तुच्छ थीं ।

आखिर किसी तरह वह पार्टी हॉल पहुँच गया । वहाँ उसने अपने सभी दोस्तों और संबंधियों को देखा और उनसे मिला । वे सभी शराब पीये हुए थे और उसे फूहड़ भाषा और अजीब ढंग से संबोधित कर रहे थे । 

यहाँ उसने सबो से आधे मन से मिला और उन्हें अपने से हीन समझा। इस कलहपूर्ण तथा शोरगुल में डॉ० मार्गोलिन संभवत: भ्रम में पड़ गया जिसमें उसने अपनी प्रेमिका रैजल को नाच के फर्श पर देख सका । 

वह उससे मिला और उसे शादी के मंडप में ले गया जहाँ उसके साथ शादी के बंधन में बँधने की इच्छा थी। लेकिन हाय । उसका थैला गायब हो गया और उसके पास कुछ भी देने के लिए नहीं बचा। 

चिन्तित मुद्रा में उसने यहूदी रीति-रिवाज का उल्लंघन करके भी उससे शादी करना चाहा । अचानक उसका भ्रम टूट गया जब उसकी प्रेमिका (जो उसकी दिमाग की मात्र उपज थी) का प्रेत, इस रिपोर्ट से कि क्यों और किसने विश्वयुद्ध के दौरान उसकी (रैजेल की) हत्या कर दी, उसको संतुष्ट नहीं कर सका ।


Rabbis = यहूदी धर्माचार्य, Columnist = स्तंभ लेखक, Yiddish = यहूदियों की भाषा, Zionists = अमेरिका में स्वतंत्र यहूदी राज्य की माँग करने वाले क्रांतिकारी, Scholastic Society = स्कूली और शैक्षिक मामलों का एक संगठन, Co-Editor = सहसंपादक (यहाँ पर यहूदियों की एक शैक्षिक त्रैमासिक पत्रिका), Senciminer = पहले पोलैंड के सैन्सिसिन

नगर में रहने वाले लोगों से संबंधित, Seders = मिस्र से यहूदियों के सुरक्षित पलायन करने के दिन की स्मृति में मनाया जाने वाला धार्मिक त्योहार, Carted off = बैलगाड़ी से यात्रा करना, 

Gorge = छक कर भोजन करना, Prerogative = परमाधिकार, प्राधिकार, Admitted = स्वीकार करना, Irritated = घृणा करना, Distorted विकृति उत्पन्न करना, Skull Cap = सिर की चोटी पर पहनी जाने वाली एक छोटी गोल टोपी, 

Cantors = धार्मिक अवसरों पर श्लोक उच्चारण करने वाले लोग (यहूदी ब्राह्मण), Aped = अनुसरण करना, Mess = अपमिश्रित अवस्था, Tereshpolers = पोलैंड के तेरेस्पाल प्रांत में रहने वाले लोग, Dawned = आया, Meticulously सावधानीपूर्वक, Trimmed छाँटना-काँटना, Temples = कनपटी, 

Exhaustion = वृद्धावस्था का प्रभाव, Fold झुर्रियाँ, Skimpy = तंग, कसा = हुआ, Calves = कूल्हा, Nazi जर्मनी के निवासी, ईसाई, Typhus = तद्रिकन्बर, Vegetated = = शरीर से निष्क्रिय, Catastrophy = विपदा, आपदा, Cemetery = कब्रगाह, श्मशान, 

Yawned = उबना, जम्हाई लेना, उबासी, Ostensibly = बाहरी ढंग से, Pursue = पीछा करना, Prodigy = विभूति, उत्कृष्ट व्यक्तित्व, Acclaimed = सराहा जाना, Responsum = लेख, Predicted = घोषणा की, भविष्य कथन किया, Squandered = बर्बाद किया, 

Ploughed = परेशान करना, Eternal = देवी, शाश्वत, Hypochondria = बीमार होने की मनोभीति, Haunted समाया रहना, Carnage = नरसंहार, जनसंहार, Despise = उपेक्षा करना, घृणा करना, Matron = विवाहित रोगी महिला, 

Petty ills नगण्य अस्वस्थता, = Devising = योजना बना रहे हैं, Flushed = घुला हुआ, Beads of sweat = पसीने की बूँदें, Scoured = रगड़कर हुआ, Groceries खाने-पीने का सामान, Lugged = लदा-फँदा रहना, 

Class 12 Chapter 3 English elective question answer 

Q. 1. Who were the Senciminers?

Ans. Senciminers were people from Poland. They were Jewish people from Sencimin, a town in Poland. During Hitler’s despotic ruling in Germany, all the Jews were exterminated and wiped mercilessly. The people who could anyhow save their life, had run away from there and took refuge in North America (U.S.A.) 

Q. 2. Why did Dr. Margolin not particularly want his wife to accompany him to the wedding? 

Ans. It was because Dr. Margolin was known to the rustic behaviour of his kinsmen and people of his community settled there as refugees. He knew that those rustic people could pester him, reproach him for growing aloof and would drop hints that he was a snob. 

They would address him familiarly, slap him on the back and drag him familiarly, slap him on the back and drag him off to dance. He knew that his wife Gretl was daughters of a Nazi in Germany and one of her brother was also a Nazi activist. 

Those were the people, who had killed and exterminated ruthlessly, all Jews in Poland. They would insult her, if Gretl was accompanied to wedding party. 

Owing to these considerations, he did not want to accompany her to that party. He had married Gretl not abiding by Yiddish customs viz he thought it would annoy his Sencimin brothers. 

Q. 3. What is hippocratic Oath? 

Ans. It is an oath taken by the scholars who complete their MBBS degree from college of medical science. There are eleven promises, the prospective Doctor makes in order to become patient friendly and a true servant to the ailing community. It acts like Code of Conduct for medical professionals.

Q. 4. What topic does marry banter at the wedding invariably lead to ? 

Ans. The hall was filled with people and music, tables heaped with food and a bar stacked with bottles. Musicians were playing with tunes, a mixture of American Jazz and orient flourishes. There were people with black and white skull caps as also some were bare heads. 

Some were also in their hats and coats. Sounds of stamping, screaming, laughing and clapping were reverberating all around. Photographers were busy with snapping, photographs. 

There was hubbub everywhere in and around the wedding hall. The Topic raised frequently at the wedding was that Naxis had exterminated Jews while they were in poland. People present there frequently jeered him telling that his father, brother and Uncle were killed mercarlessly by Nazis.

Q. 5 Who was the woman that Dr. Margolin suddenly encountered at the Wedding? 

Ans. She was Dr. Margolin’s beloved when he was in his teenage. Her name of Raizel. Her father was Melekh, the watch maker. 

Owing to discrimination of social status between a Priest and a watchmaker’s families, he could not solemn is his marriage someone else and after some years of marriage, she and her husband both were shot by Nazis in Sencimin, a town in Poland. 

As Dr. Margolin had not forgotten her, it was her supposed appartition with whom, he had suddenly encountered at the wedding. 

Q. 7. What were the events that led to his confused state of mind?

Ans. The events which acted as stimuli to his mind were- 

(i) It was an atmosphere of merry-making. People were sipping, liquor, springing leud comments on spinsters, kissing and embracing in an euphoria of liquor and there was an acute commotion and hub-bub everywhere.

(ii) There was drumming, growling of bass fiddle, blaring of saxophone and young men were dancing. The dances became faster, move abandoned and more and more people were drawn in. The young force that it seemed the dance floor would break under them. 

(iii) Dr. Margolin’s Sencimin brothers were pulling him in all directions and calling him Schloimele by his childhood name. 

(iv) The foggy hall was spinning like a carousel and the floor was rocking. 

(v) A man in party grabbed him forcibly and for a while, he danced in the frantic whirl.

(vi) Although he did not sip the liquor, he became half-drunk on the amalgam of odours spread in atmosphere from flowers, sauerkraut, garlic, perfume and mustard of different types in the party. Conclusion-All the above events had led to Dr. Margolin’s confused state of mind and he finally fell in hallucination.

Q. 8. What was Dr. Margolin’s attitude towards his profession? 

Ans. Dr. Margolin’s attitude towards his profession are as under-

(1) He as a doctor was strict observant to the hippocratic oath or code of conduct devised for the physicians. All physicians on successful completion of their MBBS degree have to take certain oath pertaining to their career as true service given to the ailing community, i.c. patients. 

(ii) He was dedicated to his profession as we read, he had an office on West End Avenue and wealthy patients in Newyork USA.

(iii) He was so dedicated and devoted to the service of his patients ashardly any day in each week, he could spare from morning to late night for his wife Gretl even for a few hours.

(iv) He had duly accommodated himself to Anglo-Saxon society in New York so his was a good impression, as a physician there. 

(v) He had refused a number of dubious associations that smacked of careerism as his wife Gretl herself took his sense of honour amounted to amania.

(vi) He maintains his regime and routine strictly so as his good health might ooze an excellent impression on his clients. 

Geography भूगोल
Political science राजनीति विज्ञान
English SubjectResult
Hindi SubjectHistory answer keys

Q. 9. What is Dr. Margolin’s view on the kind of life the American Jewish community leads?

Ans. Dr. Margolin’s views on kind of Jewish life in America-It is stated as follows-

(i) Jewish culture and celebrations had become Anglicise Yiddish in USA. 

(ii) As ear-splitting music and unruly dances had no place in Jewish culture but it was gathering momentum in USA. 

(iii) Men who had no regard for Jewish customs had started wearing skull caps while Jewish people, particularly, the rabbis and contors had started appearing barehead in celebrations. 

(iv) Jewish people had started setting marriage ties with christians in USA Eg. protagonist’s wife Gretl was also a Christian.

(v) A gross mess-up of christian and Jewish culture could be seen in wedding party.

(vi) Jewish people were simple fellows in Poland but in USA, they were turned in drunkards. Stack of liquor bottles could be seen in wedding parties. 

(vii) Jewish people had forgotten even common manners of meeting their own. We see in wedding party, they had several time, tried to insult and immitiate the protagonist. 

Q. 10. What were the personality traits that endeared Dr. Margolin to others in his community?

Ans. Special characteristics (traits) in Dr. Margolin’s personality-It would pertinent to define the term personality here before we sort out the traits or characteristics of any person, Dr. Margolin here. 

This term comprises the various aspects them different from other persons in the society. In context to Dr. Margolin’s pesonality, we see the following traits-

(i) The first thing is that Dr. Margolin had not forgotten his past. He as a doctor was extremely devoted to the service of ailing community. Hardly, any day in cach week, except Sunday, he could come back, home before night at his residence from his clinic. 

His wife Gretl used to say it his mania to profession. He was strict observant to the hippocratic oath and never involved him in a number of dubious associations.

He recalls the days with strong despise for Nazis, when the whole Jewish community in Poland including his family members, family members of his beloved Raizel and all his kith and kins were brutally tortured, burned and gassed.

(ii) He has a strong affection for Senciminer society in New York as

besides his profession, he was a Board number of a Jewish scholastic society.

a member to the Zionist Committee and Co-editor of an academic Jewish quarterly. 

He used to visit frequently in Seders at Abraham Makeles and synagogues, the Jewish place of worship. He has joined to Hadassah, a religious organisation of Jews. 

He provided treatments to rabbis, refugees and Jewish writers without charge, supplied them with medicines and hospital bed also free of cost at his clinic. Thus, we see that he still remembers his past and the community related to his in Poland.

(iii) He is suave, contemplative and known to the civilized manners. There are people Sencimer and Tereshpolers-who have forgotten their roots. 

There has been formed an environment of Anglicised Yiddish and Jewish laws and customs have been completely distorted. He had admitted that men who had no regard for Jewishness wore skull caps and the reverend rabbis and cantors aped the christian ministers. All people, except Dr. Margolin had violated Jewish deontology.

(iv) He was veteran and scholar. Besides expertise in his profession, he was conversant to a number of languages like Yiddish, Hebrew, Latin, Talmud and English. 

He had also a good command in pshychology as even in the state of hallucination, his feelers guessed of that state. He was deliberately enjoying that confused state of mind or took it as his muse. 

We can state so on the basis of his guessing-“What was it called ?….. The Astral Body wandering in semi-consciousness, detached from the flesh, without being able to reach its destination, clinging to the illusions and vanities of the past.”

(v) Irrespective of previously known to the rustic manners of his people, he born with all brunts and taunts sprang by them and attended the wedding party in Brownsville, a distant or remote place from New York in America. 

He braved the pains of travelling in a winter night when incessant snow fall was taking place in order to see his people. 

(vi) He was kind hearted as he graced Gretl of accepting her as his wife when in Berlin, she served Dr. Margolin at a time he had fallen sick and there was nobody to look after him. 

Gretl was a nurse in the same hospital where he was appointed as a physician. This he did going beyond Jewish rules/ laws and the atrocites inflicted by Nazis on Jewish communities in Poland. 

He was known that Gretl’s brother was also a member to Nazi organisation and she was of the same breed of Christians who had exterminated and wiped the Jews of Poland. His emotional outbursts on Gretl, time-to-time after marriage are apparent from his sizzling from this piece of conversion-“What shirt? 

It doesn’t matter. White shirt …” wait, I’ll bring you a Vitamin. “I don’t want a Vitamin”. But you yourself say they’re good for you. 

Leave me alone. This again is apparent from the author’s writing-“He had began to despise the matrons who came to him with their pretty ills while millions were devising horrible death for one-another.”

Q.11. Why do you think Dr. Margolin had the curious experience at the Wedding hall? 

Ans. The term curious is an adjective and it is purported to having a strong desire to know about something. Here we think so because a veteran and learned person like 

Dr. Margolin had suffered from hallucination for her beloved Raizel who was killed by Nazis after her marriage to someone other. This happened because Dr. Margolin’s rabbis (priest) father had not allowed his marriage with the daughter of a watchmaker. 

Under the influence of hallucination, Dr. Margolin could see her in the wedding hall. They talked to each other in semi-conscious state of mind. Both of them went upstairs to the chapel where the wedding ceremony was to take place. 

They stood before wedding canopy and wished if they could solemnise their marriage. 

As per Jewish laws, he needed merely a coin (penny) to put at altar and accept Raizel but his wallet was gone and thus, they could not fulfil their desire which had buried abysmal in the long past when they were in their prime. It was really, a curious experience that Dr. Margolin had at the Wedding Hall.

Q. 12. Was the encounter with Raizel an illusion or was the carousing at the wedding-hall illusory? Was Dr. Margolin the victim of the accident and was his astral body hovering in the world of twilight? 

Ans. Before we attempt to find out the reality, it is necessary to understand the meaning and implication of illusion, an accident and the astral body. We would like to tell here that illusion is a false idea or belief especially about somebody or about a situation. 

Similarly, an accident is an unpleasant event that happens unexpectedly and causes injury or damage to a person who meets to an accident. Astral body is meant by the micro body or the body sub-conscious.

In the light of this interpretation or meaning of the words as we see appeared here in this question, it was not an illusion because Dr. Margolin was duly known to the fact that his beloved Raizel was killed by Nazis and several decades had passed when that event had taken place. 

He was a learned doctor and was duly known to the things even about the minutest feelings of human heart. He had not become victim of an accident because in the end of story we find him in full consciousness and known to what had happened to him. 

However, we can say that it was his astral body which had wished hovering in the carousing at the wedding hall. There were people dancing, sipping liquor, watching at beautiful places, criticising their enemies and appreciating their friends and kissing strange women in ebriety. 

Dr. Margolin had neither enjoyed food nor sipped liquor and it was equally true that while talking with Raizel, his conscious was all available and under his reach. When such was the position, we would like to state that it was his deliberate wish to enjoy with self-considered scene of talking with his first love imprinted at the core of his heart. 

Or in other words, it was the fancy of the author to write on something,  however, illusory in itself, when no established theme with pinch of truth; was ready in his conception. 

It was an artificial device of Margolin’s astral body or semi-conscious to enjoy a topic of his own interest much alike the drunkards and rustic people present in that wedding party. It was neither an illusion nor an accident.

Q. 13. Fiction often deals with human consciousness, rather than with the reality of existence.

Ans. This fiction deals with human consciousness-It is stated as follows 

(i) Fiction is a type of literature that describes imaginary people and events not real ones. 

An eye on this fiction-

(a) The names like Dr. Soloman, Margolin, Gretl, Kuzari, Raizel, Melekh, Abraham Mekheles etc, all seem fictions.

(b) Events like travelling in a winter night with incessant snowfall and that too merely to attend a marriage party are ridiculous and impossible. It again when the man concerned is not at the least interested to meet rustic people particularly a doctor, as described here; will never.

(c) People’s behaviour and carousing in wedding party is also imaginary. It’s surrealism, the author has used and inner feelings have in an overt manner, been brought out. (d) One’s obsession to somebody (Raizel here) in such overt manner can not be seen anywhere. It’s merely inner feeling and can not be expressed in such a manner as described here.

(e) A single person can not simultaneously, deal with so many subjects (viz. mastery in a number of languages, instinct of journalism, serving patients as physician in excel).

Q.14. The ways in which survivors of holocaust deal with life. 

Ans. Important points for discussion These points are as follows :- 

(i) These people can not forget the event and their pain starts overflowing whenever they gather in parleys, meetings, parties and social as

also religious functions. 

(ii) They cannot forget their native country, the town and the village from where they were once displaced.

(iii) They recall their friends and relations succumbed to holocaust. 

(iv) A mixed culture is developed when these people take refuge in country other than their own. It is a blend of the culture in foreign land and that of their own.

(v) These people are misdirected and suffer from confusion and illusions throughout their life. 

(vi) They suffer from scepticism, atheism and anxiety does not allow them to live in peace even for a second.

(vii) These people yield to archaic superstitions in which ethics, deontology and morality meet to a ricochet or violated. 

(viii) An ambivalence can easily be seen in attitudes, aptitudes and actions/activities of these people.



Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow- 

The day had dawned grey and dreary as dusk. Overnight, a heavy snow had fallen. Solomon Margolin had hoped to make up for the sleep he was going to lose, but unfortunately he had woken even earlier than usual. 

Finally he got up. He shaved himself meticulously at the bathroom mirror and also trimmed the grey hair at his temples. Today of all days he looked his age: there were bags under his eyes, and his face was lined. 

Exhaustion showed in his features. His nose appeared longer and sharper than usual; there were deep folds at the sides of his mouth. After breakfast he stretched he could see Gretl, who was standing in the kitchen, ironing-blonde, faded, middle-aged. 

She had on a skimpy petticoat, and her calves were as musculare as a dancer’s. Gretl had been a nurse in the Berlin hospital where he had been a member of the staff. Of her family, one brother, a Nazi, had died of typhus in a Russian prison camp. 

A second, who was a Communist, had been shot by the Nazis. Her aged father vegetated at the home of his other daughter in Hamburg, and Gretl sent him money regularly. She herself had become almost Jewish in New York. 

She had made friends with Jewish women, joined Hadassah, learned to cook Jewish dishes. Even her sigh was Jewish. And she lamented continually over the Nazi catastrophe. She had her plot waiting for her beside his in that part of the cemetery that the Senciminers had reserved for themselves.


(i) Why did Dr. Margolin say the wedding day dreary as dusk ? 

(ii) Imagine through description the age of Dr. Margolin. 

(iii) Why does Dr. Margolin compare the calves of her wife with that of a dancer?

(iv) Tell the family background of Greil, the wife of Dr. Margolin.

(v) Why would Gretl have followed Jewish traditions inspite of her background being that of a Christian?


(1) It was because of bad weather as there was fallen a heavy snow overnight. Secondly, he had bitter experience roaming large in mind when he was not allowed to marry with his girl friend Raizel as she was daughter of a watch maker while Dr. Margolin’s father was a rabbis and Talmud teacher.

(i) It may be between fifty and sixty as there were deep folds at the sides of his mouth, cheeks were pressed down in buccal cavity, black spots below eyes and grey hair grown on temples.

(iii) Gretl was a hard working lady. He used to go market and return with heavy bags full of vegetables and provisions, wash and mend clothes herself and used to go on foot, in Synagogues which were at far distance from her home in West End Avenue (Newyork). This hard working had made her calves as strong as that of a dancer.

(iv) Gretl had two brothers and a sister. Her one brother was Nazi who succumbed to typhus while the other communist brother was killed by Nazis. Her father was too old to do anything. Hence, he was passing the rest of life under the shelter of her sister. They were Christians of Germany.

(v) It was because Gretl’s husband was a Jewish and she had to live with Senciminer society in New York. There were no Christians from Germany. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow-


Solomon Margolin regarded her quietly. She had her own share of troubles. She had suffered in silence for her two brothers, even for Hans, the Nazi. She had gone through a prolonged change of life. Now her face was flushed and covered with beads of sweat. 

He earned more than enough to pay for a maid, yet Gretl insisted on doing all the housework herself, even the laundry. It had become a mania with her. Every day she scoured the oven. 

She was forever polishing the windows of their apartment on the sixteenth floor and without using a safety belt. All the other housewives in the building ordered their groceries delivered, but Gretl lugged the heavy bags from the supermarket herself.


(i) Do you think Gretl was a sad woman? 

(ii) Imagine why did Gretl like to do all works herself?

(iii) What is addressed as mania in this passage? 

(iv) Why did husband and wife size each other up wryly?


(i) Yes, because she had lost everything from her mother side. Her two brothers were killed or succumbed to disease or by Nazis and father was any how passing his days with her another sister. Secondly, she was issueless even after prolong period since marriage had elapsed.

(ii) She was a nurse in Berlin where Dr. Margolin and she were fallen in love and set their marital knot. That past profession had bestowed her with suffice knowledge on personal Hygiene and Psychology. She was known how to restrain her mind and see positive side of living. It’s only measure left with her in the circumstance, was to work hard.

(iii) It is workaholic nature of Gretl. She works very hard and finds difficult to stop working and do other things, i.e. recreation.

(iv) It was because both of them are without issue, with which they could do recreation and get some new and innovative topics in, for recreation. Gretl’s body feathers had remained no more attractive for Dr. Margolin who still was interested in pursuing with women.


Read the passage and answer the questions that follow- 

The taxi turned onto the bridge across the East River and for the first time Dr. Margolin was able to see the sky. It sagged low, heavy, red as glowing metal. Higher up, a violet glare suffused the vault of the heavens. 

Snow was sifting down gently, bringing a winter peace to the world, just as it had in the past forty years ago, a thousand years ago, and perhaps a million years ago. Fiery pillars appeared to glow beneath the East River; on its surface, through black waves jagged as rocks, a tugboat was hauling a string of barges loaded with cars. 

A front window in the cab was open and icy gusts of wind blew in, smelling of gasoline and the sea. Suppose the weather never changed again? Who then would ever be able to imagine a summer day, a moonlit night, spring? 

But how much imagination-for what it’s worth- does a man actually have? On Eastern Parkway the taxi was jolted and screeched suddenly to a stop. Some traffic accident, apparently. The siren on police car shrieked. 

A wailing ambulance drew nearer. Dr. Margolin grimaced. Another victim. Someone makes a false turn of the wheel and all a man’s plans in this world are reduced to nothing. 

A wounded man was carried to the ambulance on a stretcher. Above a dark suit and blood spattered shirt and bow tie the face had a chalky pallor; one eye was closed, the other partly open and glazed. 

Perhaps he, too, had been going to a wedding. Dr. Margolin thought. He might even have been going to the same wedding as I ……..


(i) Why did Dr. Margolin see the sky sagging low and heavy? 

(ii) Do you think the snow brings winter peace?

(i) Do you think imagination has any worth? 

(iv) What do you understand by the sentence-“All a man’s plans in this world are reduced to nothing”.


(1) It so appears while snow is fallen. Several layers of gases are artificially formed amid the sky and atmosphere when snowfall takes place. 

(ii) No, it is only stretch of imagination as peace comes from within (i.c. temperament). It is neither seen outside nor brought by changes in climate/ temperature. However, one can see solitude and commotion free atmosphere/ environment in course of snow fall. This is because barring emergency, people don’t like to come out from their homes.

(ii) Yes, it is imagination that brings changes in the world. Research, investigation and even common works are done with imagination because it is preliminary to observation and experiment. 

However, misuse and abuse of

imagination results in subversive activities like, rape, assault, murder etc. 

(iv) It reverberates the popular dictum “Man proposes but God diposes” and “Man is mortal”. Human plans are artificial and short decaying in this transitory world.


Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow- 

Dr. Margolin entered the outer lobby and immediately the comfortable intimacy of the Senciminers engulfed him. 

All the faces he saw were familiar, through he didn’t recognise individuals. Leaving his hat and coat at the checkroom, he pur on a skullcap and entered the hall. 

It was filled with people and music, with tables heaped with food, a bar stacked with bottles. The musicians were playing an Israeli march that was a hodge-podge of American jazz with Oriental flourishes. Men were dancing with men, women with women, men with women. 

He saw black skullcaps, white skullcaps, bare heads. Guests kept arriving, pushing their way throught the crowd, some still in their hats and coats, munching hors d’oeuvres, drinking schnapps. 

The hall resounded with stamping, screaming, laughing, clapping. Flash bulbs went off blindingly as the photographers made their rounds. 

Seeming to come from nowwhere, the bride appeared, briskly sweeping up her train, followed by a retinue of bridesmaids. Dr.Margolin knew everybody, and yet knew nobody. People spoke to him, laughed, winked, and waved, and he answered each one with a smile, a nod, a bow. 


(i) Why does the author mention the meeting of Dr. Margolin with Senciminers as a comfortable intimacy? 

(ii) Why did Dr. Margolin leave his hat and coat and put on skull cap?

(iii) Mention some words used as phonation? 

(iv) Why does the author mention that Dr. Margolin knows everybody and yet knows nobody?


(i) As Dr. Margolin was seeing people of his native country i.e. Poland, he was familiar to customs and traditions as also dialect. Moreover, these were people with whom he enjoyed his childhood. Senciminers were his own and he was their’s this feeling has been referred to as comfortable intimacy. 

(ii) It was perhaps the custom of Jewish people for attending to a wedding party. These were however, people with black skull, white skull caps and bare heads, Dr. Margolin was extra cautious about manners because of his being

a repute professional.

(iii) These are-Stamping, screaming, laughing and clapping. 

(iv) It is because of his being proud of his profession and qualification. His mind was roaming in duality. Moreover, there was a long distance between Brownsville and that of West End Avenue (New York) hence, it was a difference of country side and metro city.


Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

Some of the guests had attached themselves to him, wouldn’t move, and kept pulling him in all directions, introducing him to more and more people from Sencimin and Tereshpol. 

A matron with a nose covered with warts pointed a finger at him, wiped her eyes, called him Schloimele. 

Solomon Margolin inquired who she was and somebody told him. He heard the same words over and over again: died, shot, burned. 

A man from Tereshpol tried to draw him aside and was shouted down by several Senciminers calling him an intruder who had no business there. 

A latecomer arrived, a horse and buggy driver from Sencimin who had become a millionaire in New York. His wife and children had perished, but, already, he had a new wife. 

The woman, weighted with diamonds, paraded about in a low-cut gown that bared a back, covered with blotches, to the waist. Her voice was husky. 


(i) Do you imagine why did majority of guests in that party attack themselves to Dr. Margolin? 

(ii) Why did people from Sencimin address a man from Tereshpol as an intruder when he tried to draw aside Dr. Margolin? 

(iii) What implication do you draw from “a millionaire with a new wife”? 

(iv) Why did the guests show despise for the new wife?


(i) It appears from this story that only Dr. Margolin was highly educated and professional among those rustic people. He was, therefore, honoured by all and wished coming close to him. 

(ii) Generally, people of a community establish special authority of theirs for individuals concerned to them. It’s not envy but a slight prerogative feeling

of people for an individual of their specific community.

(iii) It implies that the new wife is Christian of USA and not Jewish woman.

(iv) It was because her manners of putting clothes, jewels, ornaments on body, make-up on face and bared back was just opposite to the Jewish manners. People in that party saw her voice also hoarse not polite as that of a Jewish women. It shows that Jewish hate to a greater degree their exterminator the Christians because Nazis who had exterminated them, were also Christians.


Q. 1. How can you state but protagonist of this fiction is the author himself? 

Ans. It is however, difficult to state with substantial proofs that it is author who has been made to appear as Dr. Solomon Margolin yet the following similarities lead our mind to make a conjecture to this effect: 

(i) The plot of fiction is similar. We see the author Isaac Bashevis Singer was also born in Poland and Dr. Margolin had also passed his childhood in Warsaw (Poland).

(ii) Author and protagonist both belong to rabbis (religion Head) family of Jews. 

(iii) Alike the author, the protagonist is also a prolific writer. He is co- editor of Jewish quarterly, Board Member of Zionist organisation etc.

Q. 2. What do you know about surrealism? 

Ans. It is a style of plot construction for story, fiction and novel etc. In this literary style, the whole automatic, illogical and uncontrolled associations of the mind is presented with a higher reality than the world of practical life and ordinary literature. 

We see a prolific suffusion of surrealism in common enquiries of people from each other, one’s opinion about himself, about others and a complete disclosure of contemplation which generally, an individual does invisible and within himself. 

The author has tarnished or pierced the rules of common etiquette that generally, amends inner feelings prior to bring them out through expression and application. We see here, complete disclosure of human feelings, Vanity, Jealous and envy etc. Hence, it is surrealism.

Q. 3. Explain the contextual implication inherent to the sentence “The day dawned, grey and dreary as dusk”? 

Ans. Here the day is indicated marriage day of Sylvia, the daughter of Abraham Mekheles in Brownsville. It is referred to as dusk i.e. evening

because it as the issue of marriage till then piercing the heart of protagonist 1.c. Dr. Margolin. There lies memories of his past love affair with Raizel in Poland. It is grey because as per description, it was the day of a winter season in which fog grips the visibility and everything seems unclear in his mental horizon. 

Hence, we can state that it was dawn of sprouting unclear memories of the past that culminated to hallucination in this fiction. It was unclear because several decades had been passed and he was turned from his prime to the threshold of old age. It was dreary because it causes him regret and repent on his unsuccessful love affair with Raizel.

Q. 4. How do the words “Ironing – blonde, faded, middle-aged.” Snap a picture of Gretl’s body? 

Ans. Poland and Germany both being European countries these fall in the colder belt of the earth. The cheeks particularly of women receive ruby shade during childhood to age after puberty, i.e. in youth.

 After forty the pigment forming capacity of skin starts reducing hence, these are looked as if red and dark are messed. 

The term faded also supports the implication of exhausted body and again the term middle aged makes ex-facie what for two other preceding terms generate mystery. A blend of iron and copper in an ungalvanized state mean, a body which has lost its charms. 

Q. 5. What opinion do you form for the writer of this fiction?

Ans. In my opinion, the author will have halted his mind in unbroken company of ladies sleuth. I form this opinion because his pen quotes the terms “skimpy petticoat”, “Calves as muscular as a dancer has, flushed face”.

 “Wryly sizing”, “Low-cut gown with blotches covered ball” etc. The description and title of fiction also sound his being intimate to women features, fashion, body-language and would have kept occupied his mind on women and women related issues. 

He has treasure of contemplation and charming techniques even in trivial matters like roads, any particular tree, setting their relation with natural scences or philosophy etc. 

This fiction is the glittering essence of his power of contemplation and an apt expression. E.g. “Ironing- blonde, faded-middle-aged”. 

Q. 6. What conclusion do you make on Dr. Margolin’s meeting with Ans. This part of fiction reveals as under- Sencimines?

(i) The rustic and urban manners had an eye to see what is good and another bad but full of innocence. 

(ii) The tone or aloof attitude between two status i.e. economically strong and haven’ts.

(iii) The bad habits of both cultures. 

(iv) The feelings of a contemplative and civilized individual with mass of rustic people.

(v) Amedley of Polish culture of Jewish people and that of Christians of USA in and around New York.

Q.7. What ia Mania ? How many type maniac generally we see

Ans. Mania is a kind of frenzy attitude of mind or better if we say, half- lunatic situation of human mind. These are mainly: 

(1) Pyromaniac 

(ii) Dispomaniac 

(iii) Megalomaniac 

(iv) Monomaniac and 

(v) Kleptomaniac. 

The first kind has a strange and morbid passion for fire. He will burn down a house with no slightest sense of malice, but merely because he is fascinated by the flames. The second kind has a compulsion to drink which we cannot control. His vice is more than a genial habit. 

It is a psychological disease and hemust drink and get drunk whether he what to or not. The third kind has a conviction that he is Napoleon or Caesar or that he had enormous wealth or even he is God. 

He is continuosly obsessed to delusions of grandeur. The fourth kind has obsession of one subject or a very limited range of

subjects. He hates everything otherwise than his own pet and particular

delusion in mind.

The fifth kind has a compulsion to steal. The victim of this mania may be wealthy and the object stolen may be worthless and moreover this menially unbalanced type of person never has any use for the stolen trinkets, nor any plans for their disposal.

Q.8. What do you understand by the term hypochondria ? 

Ans. Hypochondria is a disease of mind and nerves. A person suffering from hypochondria complains continuously about imaginary ills. He takes heart flutter as heart failure, a headache as brain tumor and an upset stomach as gastric ulcers. It’s his morbid imagination.

Q. 9. What do you know about amnesia, somnambulism and insomnia? 

Ans. These are also disorders of mind and nerves like hypochondria. Amnesia denotes loss of memory. This disorder generally comes from a blow on the head or some sudden shock. He forgets his past completely. Somnabulism denotes a state in which the patient walks in his sleep. Insomnia is a disease of sleeplessness.

Q. 10. Dr. Solomon Margolin’s responsibilities to the community wave

him no s sparetime in the evenings. Why?

 Ans. He is a doctor by profession hence, patients (indoor and outdoor) suffering from ailments keep his body, mind emotion occupied throughout the day. He therefore, feels it convenient to take over liabilities for Jewish community in evening upto late hours in the night everyday. He is co-editor of an academic quarterly, Board Member of Zoinist organisation and made responsible by his Jewish community for hosting the religious functions time to time.

Q. 12. Why according to Dr. Margolin was American Judaism a mess? 

Ans. It was because of intercourse of Jewish and Christian cultures. Jewish who took shelter in America had generally developed their relations with Christian majority in USA and as we read the fiction, we find some Jewish individuals had married with christian brides and Dr. Margolin had also solemnised his marriage with Gretl, a Christian girl from Berlin (Germany), A mix-trend of culture is also apparent from the dresses, ornament, make-up etc., the people wearing in that wedding party.

Q. 13. Gretl had become almost Jewish in her ways. Explain.

Ans. When we gather opinion/approval of this fact on physical level. we see herein Great developing her friendship with Jewish women, visits Hadassah, learns cooking Jewish dishes and she had got constructed a grave/ cemetery for her in advance. 

On mental and emotional levels, she curses upon Nazis who had wiped out and exterminated Jewish in Poland. 

This she does even after she knows that one of her brother was also a Nazi who succumbed to typhus in a Russian prison camp. She irrespective of being a christian, attends all religious functions arranged by Senciminer community time to time in USA.

Q. 14. Why did Dr. Margolin perceive himself as a failure? 

Ans. In course of his reminiscence of past, he sees a number of acts, he did since childhood but all had been left on mid-way. He remembers his sharp memory in keeping in and reciting by heart, 

the long passages of the Bible, study on the Talmud, writing commentaries and articles, study on algebra and geometry, translation of Spinoza’s ethics from Latin into Hebrew. 

However, in the meantime, he takes all that achievement as wastages of time, energy and talent because he could not focus exclusively on any one of the fields of the study out of those and met only then at half way. 

He could do nothing outstanding and specific but passed his life as a wanderer. He even could not see Raizel, his beloved, as his partner. Thus, inspite of a learned person, he considers himself as a failure.

Q. 15. Describe Dr. Margolin’s physical appearance. 

Ans. He was growing old in years but wanted to impress people with his appearance viz. obstentatious by nature. He took every care to appear as an Anglo-Sexon in New York. He was tall, slim, blond, blue eyed and his hair had turned somewhat grey. However, he managed to disguise these signs of age.

He had always had a way with women hence, we can say that he was a ascivious fellow but restrained by society norms. 

Q. 16. What made Dr. Margolin particularly notice the strange woman? What was her identity? 

Ans. The enviroment in the wedding hall viz. glimpse of the bride, sounds coming from bass fiddle and saxophone, kissing scene of boys and girls as also that of men and strange women had made Dr. Margolin prey to hallucination in which his reminiscence of days when he had a beloved Raizel in Poland seemed as if present in the hall. 

Her’s had a long braid, her hair was arranged in the old manner, there was a grace of Sencimin in her gait and there were dimples in her cheeks. She was his Raizel, the beloved with whom, he could not see his marital tic. 

Q. 17. Explain the significance of Margolin’s sentence-“we could have stood there”.

Ans. It implies that they could have married but the cruel hands of destiny and barbarous rules of society had not so allowed them. 

In the state of hallucination; we see that the crushed passion may raise its head anytime transcendent of age, society, circumstances and conditiers particularly, when an environment is so formed as here i.e. in wedding hall.. ere, an environment fuelling the fire of love is ready with all stimulants.


Q. 1. What is hallucination? Discuss its constituent factors, the characteristics and causes with reference to this fiction.

Ans. Hallucination is the fact of seeming to see or hear somebody really, not there. It happens due to little failure of link between para-sympathetic nerve and that of somatic nerves. In that situation, even the reflexes caused by spinal cord are also gone away. 

Its constituents are over sensitve temperament, emotion refined with learning but casual burst, obsession to anything (living or non-living) and an introvert tendency. Characteristics of hallucination are all apparent in this fiction. 

It starts with sudden shock to heart and in fiction, it was caused when Dr. Margolin’s

beloved Raizel was separated from him under the cruel norms of society that

prohibited marriage of a Brahmin’s (rabbis) son with daughter of a mechanical engineer or watchman (Silpakar hence, schedule caste). 

Subsequent to this shock, another was the murder scene of his father, his uncle Oyzer, his brother Chayim in the hands of Germans one side and massacre of whole Jewish community in Poland on the other. 

They were brutally killed and drove away from Poland (Warsa, the capital city of Poland). He had to leave everything with him in native country and started practice in Berlin, the capital city of Germany. 

Thus, pain of separation inflicted forcibly by society was imprinted deep in his heart. As love never was imprited deep in his heart. As love never dies, irrespective of his sensual needs which compelled him to set marriage tie with a German Nurse, Gretl; he remained a pauper to psychological satiation. 

Its evidence can be gathered from the fact that he was issueless even at his old age. Thus, hallucination in Dr. Margolin was because of adverse conditions he faced in the past. It was individual miscarriage, family murder and society (Jewish) murder (massacre) all in sequence.

It is a kind of obsession to a thing or person and it boils to come out when situations/conditions resembling to the cause in the past life of an individual, are formed by human endeavour of by the nature itself.

Here in wedding party, we see an all round cause pressing for reminiscence is present here. Here are people of his own community he acquiantained to, during his living in Warsaw in Poland. 

They were recalling the days when his family, and family of his beloved were killed by Germans. He also listens to the name of his Raizel from some people present in the party. 

The wedding hall, drunk people, odour of spicy food, perfumes from apparels, scene of dance and music, the sounds like stamping, screaming, laughing and clapping at climax and friction of body while moving to and fro due to heavy rush and crowd, all these act as stimulants to hallucination. 

The Doctor was neither a drunkard nor a slave to his palate. Therefore, he felt him intoxicated and became half-drunk on the amalgam of odours. In the meeting, one of his friend grabbed him and took a frantic whirl. It had disconnected his para-sympathetic nerves for somatic nerves and hallucination manifested with tide.

As the Doctor is educated, veteran and prolific writer, his hallucination we see; going deep into his conscience. Hence, field of manifestation is the mind, not his body. 

The activities like calling his beloved from stage (ramp), doing conversation, carrying her with holding her hand, inside the chapel where wedding canopy was made, searching pounds from his wallet, finding nothing and finally, 

his coming back to conscious state were actually, never done by the protagonist. Instead, he imagined as if all those activities were done in fact. It was his delusion, an utopia, absolutely invisible; yet seemed as if all activities were done.

Q. 2. Dr. Margolin has noticed his wife’s mania for cleanliness, and Gretl claimed that his sense of honour amounted to a mania. Look up the meaning of the word Mania. How were the manias of these two manifested?

Ans. A state of mania is defined as an extremely strong desire or enthusiasm for something (viz. have cleanliness and sense of honour) often shared by a lot of people at the same time. We can also say it is a craze of fancy. 

A person with mania is obsessed with ardent passion for something. In case of Gretl, she is obsessed to clean everything in kitchen, put on body (ie. garments, clothes) and the shelter (i.e. the house). 

It has been stated here that she used to keep everything clean and tidy. She would scour the oven daily, polish the windows of her apartment on the sixteenth floor without

using a safety belt and insist on doing at the household work herself. Thus, work mania and mania for cleanliness both we see, in person of Gretl, the wife of Dr. Margolin

In case of Dr. Margolin, he has developed his friendship with all hue and shade of people. Everyone in frank before him and eager to cross even the necessary fence of the common etiquette. 

We see, people frequently blow an axe on his past saying him a son of poor Talmud teacher in wedding hall. 

Some grab him, some flick off obscence of joke and irony and some other do frequent interruptions not like by him. However, he remains non-responsive to them and maintains self-restraint and endurance. 

He does all benevolent works for the Jewish people (i.c. Senciminers) by burning his mid-night oil. Hence, we can say that he is suffering from a sense of honour amounting to a mania viz. he honours mankind as an extreme level. However, in reality;

there is no such mania in the list of mental disorders. 

Q.3. In the opening line of the story the author says “the wedding had been a burden to Dr. Solomon Margolin from the very beginning.” In what ways was it a burden?

Ans. It was burdensome from following angles-

(i) Dr. Margolin was in the fourth phase of life viz. marching towards old

age, Hence, there were certain disorders like diabetes, indigestion etc.

(ii) He was the busiest physician as except Sunday, he had no time to

spare as he was an active member of different Jewish organisations including Zionist organisation raising demand for an independent Jewish state in USA. 

(iii) His wife had forbidden him saying that he should at least spent a few hours in a week for her. 

Moreover, she was against his fat rich diet as it was not good for his health. 

(iv) His wedding with Raizel could not possible because of caste

discrimination. He was son of a Jewish brahmin while Raizel, his beloved was

daughter of a watchmaker. Such sudden split in marital tie was still piercing his heart. (v) It was a rough weather (i.c. heavy snow had fallen) and he had to

set out in night. 

Q.4. As a child, Dr. Margolin had been acclaimed a prodigy, yet he set out in night. 

Ans. No doubt, Dr. Margolin had been acclaimed a prodigy and but branchingoff concentration to varied fields simultaneously had developed in his mania of over and excess contemplation. He would tangle with even the minuscule or trivial topics like roads, the pub/bar and divine matters and thus, feeling certain weaknesses at mental level. 

He says that he has done excesses with his talents and continuously changed his field of study. Moreover, as he was going to attend a wedding party, 

he remembered his failure in getting the hand of Raizel, his beloved at his prime. In the light of that failure, inrespective of his being a successful professional, social worker, author, editor and philanthropic; he observes everything as negliglible and worthless. It reveals his extremely emotional nature. 

Q. 5. At several points in the story, the author describes some aspects of Jewish life. Select anyone of these and point out how he makes it come alive for the reader.

Ans. Jewish people are very frank in conversation-Jewish people appear very frank and jolly in parties and when they meet to their dear ones. They leave aside, general formalities and even etiquette and become very frank to each other. The author has given its glimpses as under-

“Lachayim, Doctor! Lachayim, Schloime-Dovid! It doesn’t offend you that I call you Schloime Dovid? To me you’re still the same Schloime-Dovid. the little boy with the blond side curls who recited a whole tractate of the Talmud by heart. 

You remember, don’t you? It seems like only yesterday. You father, may be rest in peace, was beaming with pride… Your brother Chayim ? Your Uncle Oyzer? They killed everyone, everyone. They took a whole people and wiped them out with German efficiency gleichgeschaltet !”

Q. 6. At one point in the story, the author mentions a traffic accident. Why does the author make such a reference? In what way does it link with the ending?

Ans. Here the author refers to the transitory world where everything is changed without any prior notice, information, warning or even chance for ultimate conclusion. 

As the story proceeds, the author has indicated it as “someone makes a false turn of the wheel and all a man’s plans in this world are reduced; to nothing”. 

He by referring to it wants to say that every individual starts his journey for making his access to the destination but who knows, he will meet to an accident on mid-way and his one eye will close and other partly open and glazed.

Beside the above reference purpose, the author connects it to another accident wherein the protagonist is gripped by hallucination of seeing his youth time beloved Raizel in the wedding party. That hallucination or wishful thinking, as the protagonist himself accepts later on when its intensity was reduced; 

was much or less identical to the traffic accident. Here the protagonist’s one eye is closed viz. he is in perfect unconsciousness state due to affection of the liquor while his another eye is partly opened and glazed (viz. being a learned physician he measure,

 with what his mind is doing but at the same time the semi-consciousness allows him to hitch the wagon of his imagination.

Conclusion: On the basis of above analysis on happening of the protagonist’s imaginary meeting with his beloved Raizel, who was married to another Jew and killed by stated that the learned author has shown similarity in both accidents.

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