Class 12 Political science MCQs Ch-4 Alternative Centres of Power

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Are you a Class 12 student and looking for Class 12 Political Science MCQs Ch-4? Because this chapter is very important for the exam. Many questions from this chapter have come in the exam. Due to this, it is very important to know the question answer of this chapter.

So students, after reading this article, you will get a lot of marks from this chapter in the exam, because the questions related to all the exams have been described in it, so definitely read it completely.

I myself have been a topper of class 12th and I know what type of questions are asked in class 12th exam. At present, I am also playing the role of a teacher, and also make my students practice important information and topics of class 12th. I have written the mcqs article here with my experience of more than 5 years. With the help of this post, you will be able to get very good marks in history from this chapter in the exam.

Class 12 Political science MCQs Ch-4 Alternative Centres of Power

Chapter NameAlternative Centres of Power
Medium English / History
Study MaterialsMCQ

Points to Remember

  • 1. Power is the essence of politics. Every state is obsessed with the longing for power, but power keeps changing its center. That’s why the cycle of ups and downs in the power of the states goes on.
  • 2. The United States of America and the Soviet Union emerged as two superpowers after the Second World War. The world became bipolar as many countries started revolving around one superpower or the other.
  • 3. But the non-aligned countries established a third center of power. The number of these countries kept on increasing which has played an important role in relaxing the Cold Buddha.
  • 4. Due to the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, sole US dominance was established. The world has become unipolar.
  • 5. China raised itself as an economic power. He denounced the dominance of both the superpowers, the United States of America and the Soviet Union, but after 1970, both superpowers tried to woo him.
  • 6. Chon apparently adopted the ideology of Marxism-Leninism, but Mao made important amendments in it. He changed the ordered economy to the ordered market economy, after his death the style made it a socialist market economy.
  • 7. Not only this, after the merger of Hong Kong and Macao islands, liberal economy is going on there. That is why China is called one country two economies.
  • 8. The countries of Western Europe established the Economic Community of Europe in 1967. Now it is the European Union. It can be called another center of economic power. Whose currency (Euro) is challenging the US Dollar.
  • 9. The countries of South-East Asia have formed their own regional association called ASEAN. Some of its members are called the new economic fathers.
  • 10 China is the biggest neighbor of India. The civilizations of both are very old. Prime Minister Nehru established close relations with China. It is unfortunate that in 1962, China attacked India and broke these relations. But now the relations between the two countries are improving.
  • 11. Hong Kong and Macao are the famous islands of China, which have merged with China.

Objective Type Questions

Class 12 Political science MCQs Ch-4 Alternative Centres of Power in Hindi | अध्याय 4 सत्ता के वैकल्पिक केंद्र MCQs
Class 12 Political science MCQs Ch-4 Alternative Centres of Power

1. One polar world is the sign of dominance of which country?

(a) United States of America

(b) Soviet Russia

(c) China

(d) France

2. Who can be placed in the category of the new economic tigers of the East?

(a) Germany

(b) Japan

(c) Malaysia

(d) China

3. In which country was the socialist market economy established?

(a) Soviet Union

(b) Poland

(c) China

(d) Cuba

4. In which category can the members of the European Union be kept?

(a) Feudal state

(b) nation-state

(c) Trans-nation-state

(d) none

5. What was the name of European Union at the time of its establishment in 1957?

(a) Economic Community of Europe

(b) economic community

(c) Steel and Coal Community of Europe

(d) European Union

6. India is a full dialogue partner of which organization?

(a) European Union


(c) Asian Regional Forum of ASEAN

(d) none

7. With which country India made a treaty of friendship and trade, in whose preamble the formula of Panchsheel is kept?

(a) Soviet Union

(b) United States of America

(c) China

(d) Pakistan

8. Which country is called the follower of the policy of carrot and stick?

(a) United States of America

(b) Russian Federation

(c) Pakistan

(d) China

9. Which Prime Minister took steps to improve India’s broken relations with China?

(a) Jawaharlal Nehru

(b) Lal Bahadur Shastri

(c) Indira Gandhi

(d) Rajiv Gandhi

class 12th NotesMCQ
HistoryPolitical Science

10. Which year went as India-China Friendship Year?

(a) 1954

(b) 1962

(c) 1988

(d) 2006

11. When was the European Union established?

(a) 1957

(b) 1992

(c) 2005

(d) 2006

12. At present who is not a member nation of ASEAN?

(a) Indonesia

(b) Philippines

(c) Algeria

(d) Malaysia

Which of the following country is not a member of ASEAN?

(a) Indonesia

(b) Philippines

(c) Singapore

(d) Sri Lanka

13. Which country of Asia is a member of the Group of 8?

(a) China

(b) Japan

(c) India

(d) Pakistan

14. In which year SAFTA agreement was signed?

(a) In 2004

(b) in 2006

(c) in 2007

(d) in 2008

15. It was decided to make ASEAN a free trade area-

(a) In 1994

(b) in 1999

(c) in 1995

(d) in 2003

16. The objective of the ASEAN Economic Community is-

(a) Creating a common market and production of ASEAN countries.

(b) To help in the social and economic development of the ASEAN region.

(c) To improve the existing system created to settle the economic disputes of the countries of the ASEAN region.

(d) all of these

17. Which of the following is a member of ASEAN?

(a) India

(b) Indonesia

(c) China

(d) Pakistan

18. Which of the following countries adopted the ‘Open Door Policy’?


(a) India has

(b) Britain

(c) Pakistan

(d) China

What is Euro, an alternative center of economic and political power?

(a) Currency of SAARC countries

(b) New currency of Pakistan

(c) Currency of the members of the European Union

(d) none of these

20. Which of the following is not a country?

(a) Myanmar

(b) India

(c) Hong Kong

(d) China

21. When did the unification of Germany happen?

(a) 1988

(b) 1989

(c) 1990

(d) 1991

22. Where was the 20th ASEAN summit held in April, 2012?

(a) in Manila

(b) in New York

(c) in Phnom Penh

(d) in Johannesburg

23. Which of the following country is not a member of ASEAN?

(a) Malaysia

(b) Indonesia

(c) India

(d) Thailand

24. In which year did China attack India?

(a) 1962

(b) 1964

(c) 1965

(d) 1966

1. (a), 2. (c), 3. (c), 4. (c), 5. (a), 6. (c), 7. (c), 8. (d) , 9. (d), 10. (d), 11. (a), 12. (c) or (d), 13. (b), 14. (a), 15. (d), 16. ( d), 17. (b), 18. (d), 19. (c), 20. (c), 21. (c), 22. (c), 23. (c), 24. ( a ) .] .]


1. What is meant by residual cold war?

Answer- The Cold War ended with the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991 but the US’s conflict with Communist China continues.

2. What is the ordered economy?

Answer- The whole economy of the country is concentrated in the hands of the state, hence there is no place for private property and enterprise.

3. State the meaning of bipolarity.

Answer- After 1945, the United States of America and the Soviet Union emerged as two superpowers, many countries revolved around them.

4. What is the meaning of peace in the hands of America?

Answer- Now America is the only superpower which can stop war in any part of the world and establish peace.

5. Define Trans-Nation States.

Answer – All the members of the European Union have the same currency, have the same foreign and home policy, citizens of one country can freely move and do business in another country. It is a form of collective sovereignty.

6. What is computer warfare?

Ans- Computer War – The first Gulf War (1990) proved that America has gone far ahead of other countries in the world in terms of military technology. In this war, America used the so-called smart forests. The war received wide coverage on television and turned into a ‘video game war’. We know this war and similar modern wars by the name of computer war.

7. What do the golden stars in the middle on the flag of the European Union mean?

Answer- The circle of golden stars in the middle of the flag of the European Union is a symbol of unity and reconciliation of the people of Europe.

8. Write full form-
(ii) WMD

Answer- (i) UNCTAD—United Nations Conference on Trade and Development,
(ii) WMD-Weapons of Mass Destruction

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