Easy Class 12 Speech Writing Format, Examples, Topics, Samples

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Easy Class 12 Speech Writing Format, Examples, Topics, Samples

Chapter NameSpeech Writing
SubjectEnglish Elective  (Kaleidoscope)
Medium English
Study MaterialsVery important question to answer
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Speech Writing Class 12


Worthy Principals, teachers and friends, I would like to say that smoking tobacco in various forms is a worldwide practice, though it is a common phenomenon that is quite harmful to health. 

Each packet of cigarettes carries the warning ‘smoking is injurious to health’. Still, people do not abstain from smoking. The habit of smoking is spreading and the young generation is also catching it fast.

Any man who uses tobacco in one way or the other falls prey to so many ailments. His digestion system gets worse and food is not properly digested. 

His health starts deteriorating and his teeth emit a foul smell. It is a slow poison and opens a gate for death. Many have lost their precious lives. Smoke contains carbon dioxide which enters human lungs with smoking.

Human lungs need oxygen to purify the blood. Carbon dioxide is a foreign element to the lungs. Moreover tobacco smoke has in it a poisonous element called “Nicotine” that can kill a chick. 

It does not kill a man, but it does cause harm. Nicotine gets mixed up with blood. Then, it becomes the demand of the body to have nicotine and smoking becomes a habit. Smoking causes a lack of appetite, the narrowness of arteries and lung cancer. Smoking should, therefore, be avoided at all costs.


Worthy Principal, teachers and friends,

I would like to say that in this fast-moving age of machines and due to scientific and technological advancements, man is attaining the impossible thing. 

He is bringing joy as well as sorrow to mankind. Drugs do treat and save our lives from deadly diseases but becoming an addict to drugs and narcotics is a sure way of death to this precious life gifted by God. 

In our day-to-day life, man consumes drugs and thinks real hazard to our society. A survey conducted in various hospitals of Ranchi revealed some disturbing facts In the year 2006-2007, 1500 drug addicts were treated in various hospitals; out of which 250 used narcotics, 350 used hallucinogens, 400 used stimulants and 500 used sedatives. 

Comparing years, the number of patients increased from 1100 in the year 2001-02 to 1500 in the year 2006-07. The figures reflect a steep rise during the last 5 years. 

The number of drug addicts using sedatives tops all over the five years. The number of patients using narcotics was the lowest as compared to other types of drugs.

It is a known fact that youngsters get the habit from grown-ups. Some people, so-called weekend joy poppers, think that occasional use will not make them addicts, but they end up habitual drug takers. 

Let us take a pledge to fight this menace of drug addiction, tooth and nail. We should organise ‘Drug Abuse Rallies’ and hold demonstrations in order to create public awareness against drug abuse.

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Hindi SubjectHistory answer keys


Worthy Principal, teacher and friends, I would like to say that price-rising has become routine with the government. Not a day passes when one does not hear about the shooting of prices. 

In a developing country like India, price-rising is good to some extent at we must keep in view the miserable lot of those who hardly get a square meal. 

The worst sufferers are the poor wage earners who are always put in a great mess. The big moneylenders and the businessmen never care about this. It is the poor who has to think about the fulfilment of their daily necessities. 

The Immediate hike in gas, pulses, vegetables and petrol etc. has put all of us in the doldrums. This has disturbed the family budget of every domestic lady. 

They Are unable to purchase even onions, pulses, vegetables etc, at high rates, Purchasing apples and other decent fruits is a day of bygone time. Life-saving medicines have become beyond the reach of a poor shopkeeper.

It is a very tantalizing situation. When the government makes a slight increase, traders, businessmen and others rise to the occasion. They increase the prices beyond limits and earn good profits. 

This brings a good problem to the common man. It is for the government to initiate steps to lower the prices. More ration shops and bazaars on the Wheels be set up to supply articles at the most competitive prices. 

The activities of the hoarders and stockists must be watched carefully. People should decrease their needs and production should be increased.


Worthy Principal, teachers and friends,

I would like to say that no doubt poverty is the cause of all social evils. More or less India is a rich country inhabited by poor people. There are people who are unable to afford their daily necessities of life. 

Not to speak of a sumptuous meal, they have hardly a square meal in their mouth. They live in slums and Jhuggi Jhonparis. Because they are to live in their pious mother land, they indulge in so many social evils and crimes. 

They lead to a life of misery and distress. They become addicted to murder, theft, cheating, dishonesty, black marketing, drinking, use of narcotics and so many other evils. It is because they have inadequate sources of income.

Poverty is a great slur in the name of society. If we happen to see them, we can find their children in rags and with wrinkled and starved faces. 

There is no happiness or shine visible on their faces. So they are forced to adopt evil ways of life. Very often we read in the papers about tragic events when a family dies in harness.

We also read certain cases where a whole family has taken poison due to growing poverty. When people fail to have reasonable methods of camming, they become victims of many kinds of social evils. 

As and when poverty and population increase, crimes and social evils also increase. So we can say poverty is the root cause of social evils.


Worthy Principal, teachers and friends,

I would like to say that in spite of government legislation against the dowry, cases of bride-burning are on the increase as per the newspaper reporting. 

The dowry system is rooted deeply in the blood and veins of every Indian, Going by the dictionary meaning, ‘dowry’ me: ns. “A kind o assistance given to the newly wedded couple by the bride’s parents to start a .resh life in the new set up.” 

But it has become a social stigma. It has ruined m: ny amicable families and many parents of the girls have been noticed to be ruining themselves. 

The parents of boys forget that a girl is the highest and the richest dowry to a family. It is a union of two pious souls and thereby two families come together to lead a new start in life. 

We should be sympathetic and considerate to one another rather than force the parents to present dowry in the shape of money and material etc. Satisfaction comes only by earning with one’s hands. It is shameful and of no use of depend on the earning of others.

In many cases due to inadequate arrangement of dowry, many girls are unable to have their life partners even. In case a bride does not bring with her enough dowry, she is ill-treated, manhandled, and harassed by her in-laws. 

There are many cases of girls having done away with their lives due to ill-treatment. Government legislation cannot be of much help in this regard. There is a need of awakening mass opinion against this curse. 

Our only hope lies in our youth. They should come forward and launch a massive campaign for rejecting and socially boycotting those who give or accept dowry.


Worthy Principal, teachers and friends,

I would like to say that it is a general tendency with everyone that like foreign goods. This idea never enters into our brains that India is not lagging behind in any respect. 

We have advanced to such an extent that all our items are exported. Our goods are of superb quality. Still, we have a sensation to buy a foreign make. 

We admire its construction, and utility and acclaim its worth. In some of the cases, even our manufactured items are labelled as made in foreign e.g., Japan, England and German etc. 

We never try to examine its worth, utility and consumption. Gone are the days when even the smallest needle to the highest implement was imported from England. 

This led to the habit of liking foreign goods. In those days India was not advanced. Her technical knowledge and scientific inventions have not progressed fully. It is also worth mentioning the fact that foreigners do not like to purchase foreign goods. 

They believe in purchasing their own goods. Let us come forward and initiate steps to buy our own Swadeshi goods. It is a pity that Gandhi’s Swadeshi movement is no longer in our practice.


Worthy Principals, teachers and friends, I would like to say that our life is a kind of perennial cycle in which we hood vouch, for old age and death. In all these periods two stages are very precarious. 

During childhood, the body needs dependence almost care, security and health care Similarly old age requires all these normalities of life. In the primitive period, we had a joint family. 

All used to live, stay, eat and enjoy together. With the advancement of time and the influence of Western culture, the sphere of joint families is breaking day by day. 

Everyone wants to lead a life of freedom and loneliness. One is ready to care for his parent and aged forefathers who have bred them with their blood. The modern youth fails to recognise his responsibility towards the parents. 

Ultimately they remain a neglected and dejected lot. They live alone and lead an insecure life. In old age, health starts deteriorating. 

He needs care and to be looked after. When they are sick, they feel a lot of difficulty. We often hear that domestic servants do heinous activities. 

What a shame on all of us! In this respect, if we follow Western culture, there are separate old people’s homes. They live there comfortably with all the amenities of life. 

An old man is an asset to the family. Let us recognise his worth and provide him with all possible security. We can provide them with homes but they need our strict care and watch. It is our moral responsibility to provide them with every possible safety and security. 


Worthy Principal, teachers and friends, I would like to say that the value of sports and games is recognised by all educationists today. 

Books develop our minds but games develop our bodies. And a sound mind is always in a sound body. ‘Physical fitness free from all ailments’ is the basic need and desire of every human being. Games, if properly played, make our bodies stout and muscular. They expand our lungs, increase blood circulation and fill the body with strength and vigour.

Games have great recreational value also. In the playground, one forgets the worries of routine life. Games are a good pastime too. 

They inculcate in us a spirit of sportsmanship, honesty, punctuality, regularity of habits, team spirit, leadership and obedience. They provide us with good training for playing the game of life in a sportsman’s way. 

A true sportsman will not be depressed about his defeat and will not be elated about his success. He plays the games for the games’ sake and not for winning alone. Games teach us obedience and discipline. They teach us the importance of cooperative efforts. 

Above all, they teach us how to command and how to obey. Excess of everything is bad. If games are indulged in excess, they are likely to make one neglect one’s studies and regular work. The principle, to work while it is time to work and play while it is time to play, must be followed.


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