Ncert Solutions Home Science Class 12 Chapter 18 Notes PDF

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Home Science Class 12 Chapter 18 Notes PDF, Ncert Solutions Home Science Class 12 Chapter 18 Notes PDF, Class 12 Home Science Chapter 18 Notes PDF

Home Science Class 12 Chapter 18 Notes PDF

Chapter NameHome Science and Its Application
Chapter number18
SubjectHome Science
Medium English
Study MaterialsImportant questions answers
Download PDFHome Science Class 12 Chapter 18 Notes PDF

Home Science and Its Application

In the present chapter, home science and its usefulness were discussed. Home Science students are able to take care of food, clothing, house, education, and medicine etc. according to the family members. can find ways of increasing the family income by some of the means taught by Home Science; 

Home Science Class 12 Chapter 18 Notes PDF

Such as through tuition, child care by selling food items, using the art of rangoli, flower arrangement and metal cleaning etc., by selling handicraft items, the girl students who want to adopt home science as a profession after school can showcase their art. There is a need to increase it further. 

There are home science institutions providing training for various professions, such as home science colleges, institutions offering certificate and diploma courses, industrial training institutes, such as polytechnics, distance (extension) education institutes.


Q. 1. How can one get training to make home science related fields one’s career?

Ans. After completing Bachelor of Education degree with graduation or post-graduation degree in various fields of Home Science, one can study at higher level and higher secondary fields.

Q.2. How can one help in various community and social welfare programs after getting education in Home Science?

Ans. 1. Integrated Child Development Services 2. Under the Early Childhood Education programme.

Q. 3. What is the importance of home science education?

Ans. Study of Home Science provides many businesses and jobs to earn livelihood.

Q.4. How is home science education related to health education?

Ans. By teaching health science in home science education, a person protects his family members from common diseases by acquiring knowledge about the causes, symptoms, infectious period, prevention and treatment of common diseases.

Q. 5. How will you use the skills gained by teaching Home Science for self-employment?

Ans. 1. Interior Decorator in home, office, hotel. 2. Different levels and types of jobs in textile mills, like designing, dyeing etc.

Q.6. What are the benefits of home science education?

Ans. Food and nutrition, health, cleanliness, child welfare etc. in home science subjects.

Scientific knowledge is given so that the person can do every day’s work psychologically.

Q. 7. Which four self-employment opportunities can you get by studying child development?

Ans. After studying child development, we can adopt the following self-employment: (a) by opening a crèche or day care (b) by opening a nursery school or a sports-entertainment center (c) by opening counseling institutions (d) by teaching tuition.


Q. 1. How can teaching home science help you in increasing your family income? Give four suggestions.

Ans. By using the skills learned in Home Science, a person can increase his family income by increasing his real income. 

1. By preserving food items – When food items are cheap at the time of harvest, grains can be purchased and kept for the whole year and storage is necessary to preserve the grains throughout the year. 

2. By preserving food items, the expenditure on all food items can be reduced by making jams, jellies, marmalades, sauces, sherbets, etc. at home. Behaviour

3. Growing vegetables at home – Vegetables can be grown in empty spaces inside and outside the house or in big boxes, pots etc. We can reduce the expenditure on these by growing some vegetables which are used daily.

4. Clothes prepared at home are stronger and more attractive than those available in the market and they save money.

Q.2. Which four self-employment opportunities can you get after teaching Home Science? Make a list.

Ans. Students trained in Home Science can also do self employment with the knowledge and skills acquired through Home Science, like opening day care centres, opening boutiques, maintaining cordial relations. You can open consultancy services and make various equipment used in labor saving services.

If there is financial shortage for self-employment, then they can start employment by taking loans from various schemes run by the Government of India like Trysem, Tanko and other financial institutions. 

Q. 3. Home Science education is helpful in self-employment. Give four suggestions.

Ans. The skills gained through home science education can be used in home and small scale industries and family income can be increased. After receiving Home Science education up to the highest level, one can take up self-employment.

May go. There are many such home industries, like saving food items by preserving them at home, sewing clothes at home, doing embroidery, sweaters, knitting, book binding, making paper flowers and leaves, dyeing clothes by various methods, like -Boutique, Bandhej etc.

Q.4. Tell four such arts learned in Home Science, using which you can increase your family income?

Ans. Being a student of Home Science and having studied this subject till 12th class, I have acquired the following abilities which can increase the income of the family. 

1. I can understand the nutritional needs of my family members. I can prepare and serve food accordingly.

2. I can preserve food items and prevent them from getting destroyed.

3. I can protect myself and my family members from disease infection. 4. I am aware of my duties and rights as a consumer. Therefore I cannot be deceived. 

Q.5. Which four self-employment opportunities can be available to you with the cooking skills you have acquired while studying Home Science?

Ans. If you get higher education in Home Science, you can open many other self-employment opportunities.

Main among which are preservation related businesses – making jams, jellies, pickles, marmalades etc. and canning them and selling them. Apart from this, making and packing papads, badis etc. and selling them. Helps in opening training classes and running them efficiently. As-

1. Cookery Classes.

2. Preservation and Canning (Preservation Cooking) Similarly, opening a bakery, selling finished goods, running canteens and classes on the go, etc.

Q.6. Which four employment opportunities can you get after completing Home Science education?

Ans. There are many jobs that can be found after completing the education of Home Science. 

(i) Production assistants, product supervisors etc. in factories making jams, jellies, pickles, jams etc. 

(ii) Supervisor Production Assistant etc. in Bakkery and Confectionery. 

(iii) Jobs in various positions in ready made garment factories. 

(iv) Textile Mills provide different levels and types of jobs like designing, dyeing, weaving and printing etc.


Q. 1. Write the use of Home Science for self-employment.

Ans. The teaching material of Home Science has been decided in such a way that in case of not getting suitable work in any government or non-government institution, the girl child can choose her own employment and develop it according to her needs and available resources. The various skills by which she can develop and become self-employed can be briefly described here.

1. Printing – If the principles, rules and methods taught in this subject are used in daily life, then self-employment in any particular part of printing can be opened and run. This may include any one or more of the following- 

2. Creche – Home Science tells about the method of opening a crèche, the equipment required for it and the programs to be run. Therefore, opening a crèche is not difficult for those who have received home science training. In this direction, children have a future with self-employment, because women’s progress and steps towards earning money have created the problem of small children for them. This is the simplest solution for this. 

3. Manufacturing of soap and detergent – If this skill is used systematically and intelligently and a group of women is formed, then the women of a colony can earn money by working in an organized manner. If higher education in Home Science is also obtained, many other self-employment can be opened, the main ones being-

1. Preservation related business- Making jams, jellies, pickles, jams and selling them by canning them. Apart from this, making and packing papads, badis etc. and selling them.

2. Clothing – Tailoring (Boutique) – Due to having knowledge about designing of latest clothes, this is considered to be the best self-employed job running nowadays. Home education makes an important contribution in this.

3. Dyeing and Dry Cleaning – Home Science education provides information about this subject and also provides highly profitable employment opportunities.

4 Running training classes – Adequate knowledge of the sub-disciplines of Home Science helps in opening the following training classes and running them efficiently. As-

1. Cookery Classes.

2. Stitching Classes

Q.2 Write in detail the use of Home Science in daily life.

Ans. Nutrition Science- Generally, filling the stomach with food is considered to be the work of ‘kitchen’. Nutrition science removes many misconceptions and provides information about what is nutritional murder? How many are there? And what is their importance? How a balanced diet can be achieved at low cost and using other resources. Information about various diseases, their symptoms and prevention is also an integral part of Home Science. By knowing about diet planning, it becomes very easy to determine diet for patients of different age groups and special conditions of women.

Housekeeping – Housekeeping is as complex as any other arrangement made by any big company or organization. Therefore, the same prudence and patience is required by the housewife also. The main sections in which the arrangement of the house is studied. they are-

1. Cube system – need and means of income supply, savings, investment. 

2. Consumer education on adulteration and rules related to it, duties and rights of the consumer, consumer protection etc.

3. Available resources and their arrangement.

4. Work arrangement, simplification etc.

The above mentioned topics are important for any home builder and its detailed details are known to all of us.

Child Development- Only through child development, complete knowledge of the psychological and physical needs of children has been achieved. This knowledge has helped in the overall development of the child in many ways. This subtheme gives a detailed description of the various needs and behavior of the adolescent girl. Due to which they can get knowledge of solutions to solve their problems. Not only this, by knowing their basic causes, they can also be eliminated.

Textile Science – By gaining knowledge of the proper methods of making and care of clothes, a housewife can take full advantage of this subject. This sub-topic gives complete information about clothes from their manufacturing to their cleaning and conservation.

Q.3. Explain the use of skills learned in Home Science to increase family income.

Ans. Usefulness of the skills learned in this subject for supplementing the family income: A house cannot be made beautiful and attractive by mere wealth, but the house can be completely furnished with artistic items and self-skilling. In this subject, various types of tasks related to housekeeping are taught and practiced. 

Which teaches them the best methods of doing household chores and gives them knowledge of new experiments to save money, labor and time. Knowledge about the proper way and benefits of using new equipment that has become available due to scientific and technological development is also given.

By providing experience in planning, preparing and serving a balanced meal, a balanced diet can be achieved through proper use of various resources. Similarly, planning clothes for family members, purchasing suitable clothes etc. are taught. All these skills increase indirect real income, which is a major part of total household income. Use and management of money: Home science has great importance, due to which money can be saved to a certain extent. 

In short, these are the objectives of Home Science and they have been decided in such a way that they fully support in developing the hidden skills of girls and directly or indirectly increase the family income.

Has property. 

Q.4. For which three jobs can the skills acquired through home science education be used?

Ans. The art or skill acquired through home science education can be used in preserving food items and selling them.

(a) You can run catering or cooking classes at home. We can take the sewing skills learned in science as employment by adopting the art of dyeing and printing.

(b) From the information obtained from the study of child development about the needs of children and their proper care, one can earn money by opening day-care centers in their free time.

(c) Rangoli and flower arrangement learned in housekeeping can also be adopted as casual employment to earn money. In the above ways we can use these skills for employment.

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