VVI MCQs Class 12 Geography Chapter 4 Human Development With Answers

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If you are looking for questions and answers To the MCQs Class 12 Geography Chapter 4 then this website is for you.

So students, after reading this article, you will get very high marks in the exam from this chapter because all the exam-related questions are described in it, so read it thoroughly.

I have been a 12th topper myself and I know what kind of questions are asked in the 12th exam. Presently, I am also playing the role of a teacher, and also make my students practice important information and topics of class 12th. I have written this article with my experience of more than 5 years. With the help of this post, you will be able to score very good marks in Geography from this chapter in the exam.

VVI MCQs Class 12 Geography Chapter 4 Human Development With Answers

Chapter No04
ProvidingVvi questions & answers
Chapter NameHuman Development
Medium English / Political Science
Study MaterialsMCQs


MCQs Class 12 Geography Chapter 4

1. Which of the following country’s Human Development Index is not higher than India’s?

(a) Sri Lanka

(b) Trinidad and Tovego

(c) Oman

(d) Myanmar

2. Which of the following countries is not included in the high level of human development?

(a) Norway

(b) India

(c) Australia

(d) Canada

3. Which of the following is the country with high human development?

(a) South Africa

(b) India


(d) China

4. The concept of human development was given by which of the following person?

(a) Prof. Amartya Sen

(b) Dr Manmohan Singh

(c) Maqbool ul-Haq

(d) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

5. Which of the following is the measure of the Human Development Index?

(a) health

(b) Education.

(c) access to resources

(d) all of these

6. Which approach of human development was pro. by Amartya SenRendered?

(a) Income Approach

(b) Welfare Approach

(c) Basic Needs Approach

(d) capability approach

7. ‘Material progress cannot be made at the cost of happiness.’ This statement is correct with respect to which of the following countries?

(a) Nepal

(b) Mongolia

(a) Bhutan

(d) Myanmar

8, The two countries having the highest Human Development Index in the world (the year 2015) are:

(a) Norway-Australia

(b) Norway – Germany

(c) Norway-Singapore

(d) Norway – Denmark

9, Who among the following scholars created the Human Development Index?Did ?(BSEB 2018)

(a) rate water

(b) Prof. Amartya sen

(c) Dr. Mehboob – Diyal Haque

(d) Arundhati Ghosh

Answer- 1. (d), 2. (b), 3. (c), 4. (c), 5. (d), 6. (d), 7. (c), 8. (a), 9. (c).

Other important MCQs

1. What is the process of development of people and raising the level of public welfare called?

(a) Human development

(b) political development

(G)Cultural development

(d) Economic Development

2. How is human development measured?

(a) by calculation

(b) by human index

(c) Census of population

(d) by education level

3. What is the Human Development Index of India in the world?

(a) 127

(b) 120

(c) 125

(d) 124

4. What is the literacy rate in Kerala?

(a) 92.4 per cent

(b) 90.92 per cent

(c) 47.53 per cent

(d) 54.16 per cent

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5. What was the female literacy rate in 2001?

(a) 54.16 per cent

(b) 54.00 per cent

(c) 50.16 per cent

(d) 56.00 per cent

6. What is the human index of Kerala?

(a) 0.532

(b) 0.533 


(d) 0.523

7. What is the age limit for the primary school level?

(a) 7-10 years

(b) 6-11 years

(c) 5-10 years

(d) 5-11 years

8. How many people were below the poverty line in 1999-2000?

(a) 26℅

(b) 36℅

(c) 16℅

(d) 46℅

9. What is the approximate number of countries having high human development levels?

(a) 88

(b) 57

(c) 32

(d) 42

10. What is the approximate number of countries having low human development levels?

(K) 62 

(b) 32

(c) 52

(d) 22

11. What is the approximate number of countries having medium development levels?


(b) 98

(c) 68

(d) 78

12. Which country is the only such country in the world? Which has declared Gross National Happiness (GNH) as the official measure of progress of the country.

(a) Nepal

(b) Pakistan

(c) Bhutan

(d) Sri Lanka

13. What are the approaches to human development?

(a) Income Approach

(b) Welfare Approach

(c) Minimum Needs Approach

(d) Capability Approach

(e) all

14. Which is the pillar of human development?

(a) equality

(b) Sustainable sustainability

(c) Productivity

(v) emancipation

(e) all.

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