Important VVI MCQs Class 12 Geography PART-B Chapter 10 Transport and Communication

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If you are looking for questions and answers To the MCQs Class 12 Geography PART-B Chapter 10 then this website is for you.

So students, after reading this article, you will get very high marks in the exam from this chapter because all the exam-related questions are described in it, so read it thoroughly.

I have been a 12th topper myself and I know what kind of questions are asked in the 12th exam. Presently, I am also playing the role of a teacher, and also make my students practice important information and topics of class 12th. I have written this article with my experience of more than 5 years. With the help of this post, you will be able to score very good marks in Geography from this chapter in the exam.

Important VVI MCQs Class 12 Geography PART-B Chapter 10 Transport and Communication

Chapter No10
ProvidingVvi questions & answers
Chapter NameTransport and Communication
Medium English / Political Science
Study MaterialsMCQs

MCQs Class 12 Geography PART-B Chapter 10


1. India has the highest road in the world. Where is it?

(a) in Leh and Srinagar

(b) in Leh and Manali

(c) in Srinagar and Jammu

(d) in Jammu and Shimla

2. Which of the following city is not situated on the Grand Trunk Road?

(a) Allahabad (Prayagraj)

(b) Kolkata

(c) Delhi

(d) Lucknow

3. National Highway No. Through which of the following states does not pass? 

(a) Madhya Pradesh

(b) Maharashtra

(c) Karnataka

(d) Kerala

4, Which states does Konkan Rail pass through?

(a) Maharashtra-Karnataka Kerala

(b) Maharashtra-Kerala-Goa

(c) Maharashtra-Goa-Karnataka

(d) Maharashtra-Goa-Karnataka Kerala

5. Where is the underground railway in India?

(a) Hyderabad

(b) Ahmedabad

(c) Mumbai

(d) Kolkata

6. In which year did India get an internet facility?

(a) 2000

(c) 1988

(b) 1998 (d) 1978

7. Which of the following National Highway is called the ‘Great Deccan Road’?

(a) Agra-Mumbai Highway

(b) Mumbai-Chennai Highway

(c) Kolkata-Mumbai Highway

(d) Varanasi-Kanyakumari Highway

8, When did the National Highways Authority of India come into existence?

(a) In 1985

(b) in 1990

(c) in 1995

(d) in 2000

9. Which of the following is a cheap mode of transport which is meant for carrying heavy loads and long distances applicable?

(a) Road Transportation

(b) rail transport

(c) water transport

(d) air transport

10. Which of the following is a powerful medium in which there is information stored on the computer?

(a) fax,

(b) satellite communication,

(c) remote sensing,

(d) Internet

11. The northernmost international airport in Indianame it

(a) Leh

(b) Srinagar

(c) Amritsar

(d) Chandigarh

12. The road connecting the four metropolitan cities in India is-

(a) Marginal road

(b) Trans Metro Road

(c) Expressway

(d) Golden Quadrilateral route

13. The exchange of messages is called-

(a) Telecommunications

(b) statement

(c) transport

(d) communication

14. Which of the following goods is transported the most by Indian Railways? Is shipping done?

(a) Cast iron

(b) coal

(c) Cement

(d) food grains 

15. Which state has the highest density of roadways in India?

(a) Haryana

(b) Punjab

(c) Goa

(d) Kerala

16. India’s first railway line between which of the following cities was manufactured?

(a) Mumbai-Goa

(b) Mumbai-Pune

(c) Mumbai police station

(d) Mumbai-Ahmedabad

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17. The headquarters of the South-Eastern Railway is-

(a) Bilaspur

(b) Nagpur

(c) Kolkata

(d) Bhubaneswar

18. India’s National Waterway No. get an extension of 2 

(a) Allahabad to Patna

(b) Patna to Haldia

(c) Sadiya to Dhubri

(d) Kottapuram to Kollam

19 Which of the following East Central Railway (ECR)Headquarters?

(b) Prayagraj

(a) Gorakhpur

(d) Hajipur

(c) Bhubaneswar

20. North-South Corridor connects. (B.S.E.B., 2018)

(a) From Jammu to Thiruvananthapuram

(b) Tirunelveli to Baramulla

(c) Srinagar to Kanyakumari

(d) Nagercoil to Srinagar

Answer- 1. (b), 2. (d), 3. (d), 4. (c), 5. (d), 6. (b), 7. (d), 8. (c), 9. (c), 10. (d),11. (b), 12. (d), 13. (d), 14. (d), 15. (b), 16. (d), 17. (c), 18. (c), 19. (c), 20. (d),21. (c).

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