On the face of it summary, Question Answer Class 12 English, Solutions & PDF

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If are you a student of class 12th and you are looking for important notes on the subject of English (On the face of it summary, Question Answer Class 12 English) then this website is for you.

This website tells you the question and answers which are very important for the exam and for the last few years it gives you the same questions, by reading these questions you can get very good marks in your exam.

I myself have been a topper of class 12th and I know what type of questions are asked in class 12th exam. At present, I am also playing the role of a teacher, and also make my students practice important information and topics of class 12th. I have written the MCQs article here with my experience of more than 5 years. With the help of this post, you will be able to get very good marks in history from this chapter in the exam.

On the face of it summary, Question Answer Class 12 English, Solutions & PDF

AuthorSusan Hill
BoardCBSE & All Others boards
SubjectEnglish Elective  (Flamingo)
Medium English
Study MaterialsSupplementary Reader Very important question to answer

on the face of it summary 

This is a play featuring an old man Mr. Lamb and a small boy named Derry. Derry suffers from a complex. He gets one side of his face burnt and always remains withdrawn and defiant. He doesn’t like to be near people as he can’t stand their uncharitable remarks. 

Mr. Lamb himself has a tiny leg but has a positive attitude towards life and people. He shows the right way of judging men, matters, and life to young Derry. 

In this short story, Susan Hill introduced that people with physical deformities often develop inferiority complexes.

Derry walks slowly and cautiously through the long grass. He enters Lamb’s garden. Mr. Lamb speaks to him when he is close at hand. Derry is startled. 

He is apologetic. He didn’t know if there was anybody there. Mr. Lamb tries to make Derry comfortable. He can pick up crab apples. Derry need not go away on Mr. Lamb’s account. 

He doesn’t mind who comes into the garden. The gate is always open. Derry did not need to climb over the wall of the garden. Derry says that he didn’t come there to steal. Mr. Lamb assures him that he can stay there.

Derry says that people are afraid of him. They look at his face and find it terrible and ugly. Even when he himself sees his face in the mirror, he is afraid of himself. Mr. Lamb says that he will get the ladder and a stick and pull down crab apples. 

He makes jelly from them. Derry doesn’t want Mr. Lamb to change the subject. He wants to talk about himself. Mr. Lamb thinks that perhaps Derry’s face got burnt in a fire. Derry corrects him. He got acid all down on that side of his face and it burnt it all away. The acid ate up his face.

Derry says that they are not similar. Mr. Lamb is old. Derry is young. Derry has got a burned face. Lamb has got a tin leg. Similarly, one green plant is called a weed, and another flower. It is all life. 

It is growing. Lamb got his one leg blown off. Some kids call him “Lamey Lamb ”. But he doesn’t mind it. It fits. He doesn’t put on trousers to cover his leg. A tin leg or a burnt face are not the only things to be taken notice of or to be stared at. 

There are so many other things like crab apples, weeds, and sunflowers. They deserve our attention. And Mr. Lamb enjoys life and people as much as he can.

Derry says that people have told him many fairy stories to console him. They Say that it is not important what you look like. 

People tell these comforting lies only to console him. But Derry knows that he will not change. He will stay as a monstrous beast’. No one will kiss him ever. Only his mother and she too kiss the other side of his face. 

He doesn’t care if nobody ever kissed him. Mr. Lamb asks Derry if he doesn’t care to be kissed by pretty girls. Girls with long hair and large eyes. Will he not like to be kissed by the people he loves?

Derry replies that no one will ever kiss and love him. He is grieved that he won’t ever look different. Even when he grows as old as Mr. Lamb, he will look the same. He will still only have ‘half a face’. 

Mr. Lamb replies that Derry may have a ‘half face’ but the world has got a ‘whole face’. He should look at it.

Derry is obsessed with what people say and comment. People remind Derry that there are people even worse than him. He might be blind, dumb, or mad by birth. Sometimes people can be very cruel. 

A woman looked at him. She said to another woman, “Look at that, that’s a terrible thing”. She told her that only a mother could love such a face. 

Mr. Lamb advises Derry to keep his ears shut. Derry says that he doesn’t like being near people. He can’t stand people staring at him and passing cruel comments about him.

Mr. Lamb reminds Derry that he can’t lock himself up in a room and never leave it. Then he tells him the story of a man who was afraid of everything in the world. So he went into his room, locked the door, and stayed there. 

A picture fell off the wall onto his head and killed him. Mr. Lamb says that he enjoys life as it comes. He sits in the sun and reads books. He is not fond of curtains. Mr. Lamb motivates Derry, Derry has got two arms, two legs, and eyes and ears. 

He has got a tongue and also a brain. He can get on the way he wants, like all the rest. And if he chooses, he can “get on better than all the rest”. Derry asks “How ?” Mr. Lamb replies that Derry can live the same way as he himself does. For him everybody is welcome. 

The gate is always open. Derry says that there are some people he hates. Mr. Lamb says that hatred is more harmful than a bottle of acid. Derry gets up and prepares to go. 

He says he will come back. Mr. Lamb says that generally, people say so but never come back.

Derry Comes Back but Mr. Lamb Dies, Derry comes home. His mother warns him not to go back there. Derry assures her that she need not fear. 

Only an old man with a tin leg lives there. He has a huge house and a garden. He is Mr. Lamb. He says things nobody else has ever said what he told him about. Derry runs to Mr. Lamb’s garden. 

He opens the garden gate. He cries that he has come back, Suddenly there is a crash. The ladder falls back, and Mr. Lamb also falls down with it. He dies. Derry begins to weep. He goes on crying “Lamey- Lamb! I did… come back”.

on the face of it summary in hindi

यह एक बूढ़ा आदमी मिस्टर लैम्ब और डेरी नाम के एक छोटे लड़के की विशेषता वाला नाटक है। डेरी एक संकुलन से ग्रस्त है। वह अपने चेहरे का एक हिस्सा जला लेता है और हमेशा पीछे हट जाता है और उद्दंड रहता है। वह लोगों के पास रहना पसंद नहीं करता क्योंकि वह उनकी असभ्य टिप्पणियों को बर्दाश्त नहीं कर सकता।

श्रीमान लैम्ब का स्वयं एक छोटा पैर है लेकिन जीवन और लोगों के प्रति उनका दृष्टिकोण सकारात्मक है। वह युवा डेरी को पुरुषों, मामलों और जीवन का न्याय करने का सही तरीका दिखाता है।

इस किनारे की कहानी में, सुसान हिल ने परिचय दिया कि शारीरिक विकृति वाले लोग अक्सर हीन भावना विकसित कर लेते हैं।

डेरी लंबी घास में धीरे-धीरे और सावधानी से चलता है। वह मेम्ने के बगीचे में प्रवेश करता है। मि. लैम्ब उससे बात करता है जब वह निकट होता है। डैरी चौंका।

वह क्षमाप्रार्थी है। उसे नहीं पता था कि वहां कोई है या नहीं। मिस्टर लैम्ब डेरी को सहज बनाने की कोशिश करते हैं। वह केकड़ा सेब उठा सकता है। डेरी को श्रीमान् लैम्ब के खाते में जाने की आवश्यकता नहीं है।

बगीचे में कौन आता है उसे कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता। गेट हमेशा खुला रहता है। डैरी को बगीचे की दीवार पर चढ़ने की आवश्यकता नहीं थी। डैरी कहता है कि वह वहाँ चोरी करने नहीं आया था। श्रीमान लैम्ब ने उसे आश्वासन दिया कि वह वहाँ रह सकता है।

डेरी कहता है कि लोग उससे डरते हैं। वे उसके चेहरे को देखते हैं और उसे भयानक और भद्दा पाते हैं। यहां तक ​​कि जब वह खुद भी आईने में अपना चेहरा देखते हैं तो खुद से डरते हैं। श्रीमान लैम्ब कहते हैं कि वे सीढ़ी और एक छड़ी प्राप्त करेंगे और केकड़े के सेबों को नीचे खींच लेंगे।

वह उनसे जेली बनाता है। डैरी नहीं चाहता कि श्रीमान लैम्ब इस विषय को बदलें। वह अपने बारे में बात करना चाहता है। मिस्टर लैम्ब सोचते हैं कि शायद डेरी का चेहरा आग में जल गया। डेरी उसे सुधारता है। उसने अपने चेहरे के उस तरफ तेजाब डाल दिया और उसे जला दिया। तेजाब ने उसके चेहरे को खा लिया।

डेरी का कहना है कि वे समान नहीं हैं। मिस्टर लैम्ब बूढ़े हैं। डेरी युवा है। डेरी का चेहरा झुलस गया है। मेमने को टिन की टांग मिली है। इसी प्रकार एक हरे पौधे को खरपतवार तथा दूसरे को फूल कहते हैं। यह सब जीवन है।

यह बढ़ रहा है। मेमने का एक पैर उड़ गया। कुछ बच्चे उसे “लंगड़ा मेमना” कहते हैं। लेकिन उसे इससे कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता। या घूरा जाना।

केकड़ा सेब, खरपतवार और सूरजमुखी जैसी कई अन्य चीजें हैं। वे हमारे ध्यान के पात्र हैं। और मिस्टर लैम्ब जीवन और लोगों का जितना हो सके उतना आनंद लेते हैं।

डेरी कहते हैं कि लोगों ने उन्हें सांत्वना देने के लिए उन्हें कई परियों की कहानियां सुनाई हैं। वे कहते हैं कि यह महत्वपूर्ण नहीं है कि आप कैसे दिखते हैं।

लोग उसे दिलासा देने के लिए ही ये दिलासा देने वाले झूठ बोलते हैं। लेकिन डैरी जानता है कि वह नहीं बदलेगा। वह एक राक्षसी जानवर के रूप में रहेगा’। उसे कभी कोई किस नहीं करेगा। केवल उसकी माँ और वह भी उसके चेहरे के दूसरी तरफ चुंबन करते हैं।

उसे परवाह नहीं है अगर किसी ने कभी उसे चूमा नहीं। मिस्टर लैम्ब डेरी से पूछते हैं कि क्या उन्हें सुंदर लड़कियों द्वारा चूमने की परवाह नहीं है। लंबे बाल और बड़ी आंखों वाली लड़कियां। क्या वह उन लोगों द्वारा चूमा जाना पसंद नहीं करेगा जिन्हें वह प्यार करता है?

डेरी उत्तर देता है कि कोई भी कभी भी उसे चूमेगा या प्रेम नहीं करेगा। उसे इस बात का दुख है कि वह कभी अलग नहीं दिखेगा। यहां तक ​​कि जब वह मिस्टर लैम्ब जितना बूढ़ा हो जाएगा, तब भी वह वैसा ही दिखेगा। उसके पास अभी भी केवल ‘आधा चेहरा’ होगा।

मिस्टर लैम्ब उत्तर देते हैं कि डेरी का ‘आधा चेहरा’ हो सकता है, लेकिन दुनिया का ‘पूरा चेहरा’ है। उसे देखना चाहिए।

लोग जो कहते हैं और जो टिप्पणी करते हैं, उससे डैरी जुनूनी है। लोग डैरी को याद दिलाते हैं कि उससे भी बुरे लोग हैं। वह जन्म से अंधा, गूंगा या पागल हो सकता है। कभी-कभी लोग बहुत क्रूर हो सकते हैं।

एक महिला की नजर उस पर पड़ी। उसने दूसरी औरत से कहा, “देखो, यह एक भयानक बात है”। उसने उससे कहा कि केवल एक माँ ही ऐसे चेहरे से प्यार कर सकती है।

मिस्टर लैम्ब डैरी को अपने कान बंद रखने की सलाह देते हैं। डेरी कहता है कि उसे लोगों के पास रहना पसंद नहीं है। वह यह बर्दाश्त नहीं कर सकते कि लोग उन्हें घूरें और उनके बारे में क्रूर टिप्पणियां करें।

मिस्टर लैम्ब डेरी को याद दिलाता है कि वह खुद को एक कमरे में बंद नहीं कर सकता है और न ही उसे कभी छोड़ सकता है। फिर वह उसे एक ऐसे व्यक्ति की कहानी सुनाता है जिसे दुनिया की हर चीज से डर लगता था। इसलिए वह अपने कमरे में चला गया, दरवाजा बंद कर लिया और वहीं रहने लगा।

एक तस्वीर दीवार से उसके सिर पर गिरी और उसकी मौत हो गई। श्रीमान लैम्ब कहते हैं कि वह जीवन जैसे आता है उसका आनंद लेते हैं। वह धूप में बैठता है और किताबें पढ़ता है। उन्हें पर्दों का शौक नहीं है। श्रीमान लैम्ब डेरी को प्रेरित करता है, डैरी के दो हाथ, दो पैर, और आँख और कान हैं।

उसके पास जीभ भी है और दिमाग भी। वह बाकी सभी की तरह अपने मनचाहे रास्ते पर चल सकता है। और अगर वह चुनता है, तो वह “बाकी सभी से बेहतर” हो सकता है। डैरी पूछता है “कैसे?” मिस्टर लैम्ब उत्तर देते हैं कि डेरी उसी तरह जी सकता है जैसे वह स्वयं रहता है। उसके लिए सबका स्वागत है।

गेट हमेशा खुला रहता है। डेरी कहता है कि कुछ ऐसे लोग हैं जिनसे वह घृणा करता है। मिस्टर लैम्ब कहते हैं कि नफरत तेजाब की बोतल से ज्यादा हानिकारक है। डैरी उठता है और जाने की तैयारी करता है।

वह कहता है कि वह वापस आएगा। मिस्टर लैम्ब कहते हैं कि आम तौर पर लोग ऐसा कहते हैं लेकिन कभी वापस नहीं आते।

डेरी वापस आता है लेकिन मि. लैम्ब मर जाता है, डेरी घर आ जाता है। उसकी माँ ने उसे वहाँ वापस न जाने की चेतावनी दी। डैरी उसे विश्वास दिलाता है कि उसे डरने की कोई आवश्यकता नहीं है।

टिन की टांग वाला एक बूढ़ा ही वहां रहता है। उसके पास एक बहुत बड़ा घर और एक बगीचा है। वह मिस्टर लैम्ब हैं। वह ऐसी बातें कहते हैं जो किसी और ने कभी नहीं कही जो उन्होंने उन्हें बताई। डेरी मिस्टर लैम्ब के बगीचे की ओर दौड़ता है।

वह बगीचे का गेट खोलता है। वह रोता है कि वह वापस आ गया है, अचानक एक दुर्घटना होती है। सीढ़ी पीछे गिरती है, और मि. लैम्ब भी उसके साथ नीचे गिरते हैं। वह मर जाता है। डैरी रोने लगता है। वह रोता रहता है “लंगड़ा- मेमना! मैंने किया … वापस आ जाओ”।

class 12th NotesMCQ
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  • Occasional-sometimes, -; tentatively-hesitantly, ses screen-shelter, partition, ; startled-astonished, ; mind-bewa सचेत होना; crab apples-wild apples, जंगली सेब; windfalls-blown down || wind, हवा से गिरे हुए; trip-stumble, ठोकर खाकर गिरना;
  •  likely-probably, सम्भावन on my account-because of me, R; scrump-steal fruits(apples) from garden, बाग से फल (सेब) चुराना; it doesn’t matter it is not significant, इसकी क बात नहीं; pretend – feign, दिखावा करना; underneath-inside, अन्दर से; picked plucked, as; give me a hand-help me, rubbish-worthless

on the face of it question answers | on the face of it ncert solution

on the face of it important questions

Class 12 English On the face of it summary
Class 12 English

1. Who is Mr. Lamb? How does Derry get into his garden?

Ans. Mr. Lamb is an old man. He lives in a big house and has a garden of his own. He has a tin leg as one of his legs was blown off in the war, Derry gets into his garden not to steal or pick up apples. 

2. Do you, think all this will change Derry’s attitude towards Mr. Lamb?

Ans. Certainly, Mr. Lamb will leave a deep impression on the mind of young Derry. He shows the way to Derry who suffers from a complex because of his burnt face. Mr. Lamb motivates him to think positively about life, people, and things. In the end, Derry comes back to Mr. Lamb in spite of the fact that his mother tries to prevent him from going there. 

3. What is it that draws Derry towards Mr. Lamb in spite of himself? 

Ans. Derry is a young boy who suffers from a sense of inferiority complex because of his burnt face. This makes him lonely and withdrawn. He avoids men and their company. 

He can’t stand their uncharitable remarks. He comes to Mr. Lamb’s garden in search of loneliness. He never expected anybody to be there. He climbs over the wall and enters the garden. His meeting with Derry is a meeting of two minds with totally opposite views. 

Derry is withdrawn but Mr. Lamb is very social. He keeps the gate open for everybody. He is ever ready to welcome anyone who enters his garden. Mr. Lamb has a tiny leg. One of his legs was blown off in the war. Children tease him by calling him “Lamey- Lamb ”. But he doesn’t mind it.

Derry takes time to open up before Mr. Lamb. But he finds a patient Listener in Mr. Lamb. Derry is surprised to see a man who has no problem and suffers from no complexity.

Mr. Lamb accepts life as it comes. He enjoys sitting in the sun and reading books. He is always cheerful and tries to comfort others.

Mr. Lamb leaves the stamp of his personality on Derry. He shows the young boy the ways of the world. He motivates him to move forward in life. He should stop caring what others say about his face. He can compete with others and if he works hard may even surpass the rest. 

He teaches Derry that locking oneself up in the room and closing eyes from the world is no solution. One can’t avoid people every time. So we find that Mr. Lamb succeeds in making Derry see and understand the realities of the world and the people around him. 

4. In which section of the play does Mr. Lamb display signs of loneliness and disappointment? What are the ways in which Mr. Lamb tries to overcome these feelings?

Ans. Mr. Lamb has a positive outlook toward life, people, and things. He accepts life as it comes. He lives alone. But rarely does he display signs of loneliness and disappointment. He has a tin leg. One of his legs was blown off in the war. 

No doubt, he is lonely in the huge house. But he is “not the only one’. The world exists there “as much as anywhere”. When Derry asks: “Does your leg hurt you?” Mr. Lamb answers philosophically. 

He says: “Tin doesn’t hurt, boy !” He confesses that his leg pains now and then, particularly in wet weather. But such signs of loneliness and disappointment don’t find any place in the philosophy of his life.

Mr. Lamb tries to overcome his loneliness and disappointment (if any) by opening himself, his heart, and his garden to the people. Whosoever comes, is welcome. He takes everything in his stride. He “likes to talk”. 

“He wants to have company.” He has “friends everywhere”. People come in. Everybody knows him. The gate is always open. They come and sit there. “Rids come for the apples and pears. And for toffees. “I make toffees with honey.” There is nothing that doesn’t interest him. 

He enjoys sitting in the sun and reading books. He thinks that life means growing. He grows apples, pears, weeds and flowers. He has a hive of bees behind the trees. So such a person rarely finds time for being lonely and much less, feeling disappointed.

5. The actual pain or inconvenience caused by a physical impairment is often much less than the sense of alienation felt by the person with disabilities. What is the kind of behavior that the person expects from others?

Ans. A person suffering from a physical deformity or impairment is in no way inferior. The physical deformity is no sin. It is not a cause or result of immoral behavior. This physical deformity does not cause much trouble to the physically challenged. They learn to live with it. Often they are not aware of it.

 But if people look down upon them, laugh at them, and even pity their lot, they become conscious of it. This consciousness is painful. They feel that others look upon them as inferior and different. 

They feel lonely and unwanted. The physically challenged person expects others to treat him/her like any other normal person. He/she wants to treat him/her like any other normal person. He/she wants others to be friendly and cooperative. He/she does not like to be treated as different. 

6. Will Derry get back to his old seclusion or will Mr. Lamb’s brief association affects a change in the kind of life he will lead in the future? 

Ans. Before meeting Mr. Lamb, Derry had developed quite a negative attitude towards life, people, and things. He had shut himself in his own self. He was totally alienated from the mainstream of life. His burnt face had created a deep sense of inferiority complex in him. 

He avoided meeting and interacting with people. He felt offended by their cruel and uncharitable remarks. He felt that he was the ugliest man on earth. No one would ever love and kiss him except his own mother. And she too on the other side of his face.

But his brief association with Mr. Lamb proves to be quite rewarding. Mr. Lamb. shows him the way. He teaches him how to look at life, people, and things. Mr. Lamb himself was a physically impaired person. One of his legs was blown off in the war. He had a tin leg. 

He was even called “Lamey-Lamb ” by children. But he never minded it. He accepted life as it came. He enjoyed meeting people. He always kept the door of his garden open. He read books. He grew weeds, and flowers and kept a garden. He collected honey, made jelly, and distributed toffees to children. His attitude towards life was totally positive and productive.

Derry will never get back to his old seclusion. His coming back to Mr. Lamb shows the deep impact Mr. Lamb has left on him. His burnt face will no more eat away his self-respect, poise, and confidence. He will learn gradually to find his place in the mainstream of life.


Class 12 English Should wizard hit mommy summary
Class 12 English Question Answer

1. “I’m interested in anybody. Anything. There is nothing that God made that doesn’t interest me.” Do these words truly reflect Mr. Lamb’s character? 

Ans. Mr. Lamb is a man with a positive attitude toward life, things, and people. He is not an escapist like Derry. He is also a physically disabled person but the matter ends here only. He has a zest for life. He loves people. 

He loves growing weeds, collecting honey, making jelly from apples, and above all, meeting people. He is always interested in anybody and anything. He doesn’t alienate himself like Derry but places himself in the mainstream of life.

2. Why does Mr. Lamb have a tin leg? 

Ans. Mr. Lamb has a tin leg. One of his legs was blown off in the war. He became a physically disabled person. He has to walk on an artificial tin leg. But Mr. Lamb doesn’t feel like a physically handicapped person. Nor does he suffer from an inferiority complex, though sometimes children call him “Lamey-Lamb”.

3. What was the fate of the man who locked himself up in his room? Why does Mr. Lamb give this example?

Ans. There was a man who was afraid of everything. A bus might run over him. A man might breathe deadly germs onto him. A donkey might kick him to death. So he went into his room. He locked the door and got into his bed and stayed there. A picture fell off the wall onto his head and killed him. Mr. Lamb gives this example to Derry to come to the mainstream of life. He should not alienate himself. It can be dangerous. 

4. “I’m not fond of curtains. Shutting things out.” says Mr. Lamb. How do these words reveal Mr. Lamb’s personality?

Ans. Mr. Lamb doesn’t allow his physical disability to crush his openness and large-heartedness. He doesn’t allow himself to be alienated from the mainstream of life like Derry. On the other hand, he keeps his house and heart open to people. He keeps his gate open and anybody can enter his garden. He is not fond of curtains. He doesn’t believe in shutting things out. 

5. Why does Mr. Lamb say to Derry that “People are never just… anything. Never”?

Ans. Mr. Lamb is never away from the mainstream of life and the world. His message is clear. Alienation or withdrawal is not the solution. Derry believes in running away from people. For him, people are just nothing. 

Mr. Lamb lives among the people. He keeps the gate of his garden and the heart always open for the people. They are important and “never just nothing”, 

6. What kind of world will it be if all the physically disabled start living together to avoid people staring at them?

Ans. Derry believes in withdrawal and escapism. He wants to live in a world where no one may stare and pass cruel remarks at physically disabled persons. The blind ought to be with other blind people and the idiot boys with idiot boys. “And people with no legs altogether.” Derry dreams of such a world but Mr. Lamb doesn’t believe in such segregation. 

7. “Once you got home, you’d never let yourself come back.” says Mr. Lamb to Derry. Is he right in his assessment?

Ans. Derry tells Mr. Lamb that once he gets home, they will never let him come back. Mr. Lamb corrects him. He says that once he gets home, he will never let himself come back. 

People say but never come back. But Derry says that he will come back and Mr. Lamb should wait for him. Derry does come back. His mother tries to hold him back but he comes back to Mr. Lamb. He comes back only to find “Lamey-Lamb” dead.

8. Why does Derry’s mother warn him not to go to meet Mr. Lamb? 

Ans. Derry’s mother claims to have heard many things about Mr. Lamb. She has been told and warned by the people. She asks Derry not to go back there. Derry asks her not to believe all she hears. He is determined to go there. 

9. Why does Derry go back to Mr. Lamb?

Ans. Derry is determined to go back to Mr. Lamb. Mr. Lamb says “things nobody else has ever said”. Things he wants to think about. Moreover, he has promised Mr. Lamb to come back to him. He wants to prove that he has fulfilled his promise. Mr. Lamb has given him a new meaning in life. So he is coming to meet him again.

10. Has Derry overcome the complex regarding his burnt face? 

Ans. Derry’s mother says that he feels bad when people talk about his face. But Derry is not the same person. He has overcome his inferiority complex. Now he has nothing to do with his face. Nor does he care what he looks like. It is not important for him now. He is going back to Mr. Lamb only to look at things and listen like him.

11. Describe the message that the play ‘On The Face of It’ conveys to the readers. 

Ans. The one-act-play ‘On The Face of It’ conveys a definite message. Life has to be lived. We should always be within the mainstream of life. We should not allow ourselves to be alienated. Nor should we suffer from a complex if we are physically challenged. We should accept life as it comes.

12. Why and how did Derry enter Mr. Lamb’s garden?

Ans. The young man Derry entered Mr. Lamb’s garden by climbing over the garden wall. He thought that it was an empty place. 

He didn’t know there was anybody there. He didn’t come to steal apples or anything. He just wanted to be in a secluded place. The garden appeared to be quite a suitable place for him.


Class 12 English Should wizard hit mommy summary
Class 12 English

1. Why is Mr. Lamb sitting in the garden outside his house? What does he tell Derry about himself? 

Ans. Lamb is an old man. He welcomed Derry. He tells him he needs not to fear. The gate of the garden is always open. He has not only fruit trees and flower plants but a weed garden too. It is there because he loves every creation of God. 

He thinks we are as good living, growing plants as flower plants. There are crabapple trees. Crab apples are ripening and he gets them off the trees and makes gelly. He has bees. He listens to their humming music. 

With honey, he makes excellent toffee. It is a pleasant day. It is good to sit outside. H is not fond of curtains. There are no curtains in his big house. But there are a lot of books. So he reads books. 

He watches, listens, and thinks. He also tells Derry that he has a tin leg. His real leg was blown off in the war. Kids call him Lamey Lamb. But he does not mind it. 

That is why children come to him for apples and pears. He has a number of friends too who visit him now and then

2. Both Derry and Mr. Lamb suffer from physical disabilities but their attitude toward life and people is totally different. Highlight their contrasting traits in your own words.

Ans. Derry’s main problem is his burnt face. One side of his face was eaten up by acid. He got acid falling down that side of his face. He suffers from a tremendous sense of inferiority complex. He is always conscious of the fact that his face is “bad”, “terrible” and “the ugliest thing”. People are “afraid” of him. 

He tries to escape people. He allows himself to be alienated from the world. He is never in the mainstream of life. On the other hand, Mr. Lamb doesn’t allow his physical disability to come his way. He accepts life as it comes. 

He has a positive attitude toward life, things, and people. He doesn’t find solace in escapism but he remains in the mainstream of life. Children tease him by calling him “Lamey-Lamb ” but he doesn’t mind it. 

On the other hand, he gives them jelly and toffees. One of his legs was blown off in the war But he is full of life and enjoys it at his best. He enjoys sitting in the sun. reading books and growing weeds, plants, and flowers. He collects honey and makes jelly and sweet toffees.

Derry is withdrawn and defiant. He doesn’t trust people. He thinks that no one will ever love and kiss him except his own mother. He can’t stand people staring at him or passing uncharitable remarks. He is like an open wound- touchy and hyper-sensitive. 

Mr. Lamb is open-minded and open-hearted. He keeps the gate of the garden open all the time. All are welcome. He loves everybody and everything. He shows Derry the way of dealing with people and things. 

In the end, Derry confesses that Mr. Lamb talks about things that nobody has ever talked about before. Derry’s coming back to him shows how deeply has Mr. Lamb influenced him. 

3. Derry is a victim of his own complex. He develops a negative attitude towards life and people. Do you find some change in him in the end? 

Ans. Derry is a victim of his own inferiority complex. This complex is born out of a distorted understanding of himself and the world. One side of his face was badly burnt by acid. He thinks it is “the ugliest thing” in the world. People are “afraid” of him. When he sees his face in the mirror he gets afraid of himself. Derry develops a negative attitude toward life. 

He doesn’t fit anywhere. He is withdrawn and defiant. He avoids people. He can never think that anybody can love and kiss him except his mother. And she too kisses him on the other side of the face.

Derry’s deep complex leads him to total alienation. He is unlike Mr. Lamb. Mr. Lamb has a tin leg. But he never allows his disability to sour the joys of his life. Derry, on the other hand, makes himself quite pitiable and miserable. His hypersensitivity is like an open wound. He can’t stand people staring at him. Once a woman went by him in the street. 

He heard her say: “Look at that, that’s a terrible thing. That’s a face only a mother could love.” Such cruel and uncharitable remarks upset the balance of his mind. He can’t keep his ears shut. Nor does he possess a large and generous heart like that of Mr Lamb. Children call him “Lamey-Lamb” but he doesn’t mind it. He plays with them and gives them jelly and toffees. 

He has developed perverted thinking. The worst thing is that Derry mistrusts the world and its people. We find a change in Derry in the end. Mr Lamb’s ideas leave their imprints on him. He is free from that diseased complex now. He doesn’t care about his burnt face and it is no more important to him now.



Q. What was the reaction of Mr. Lamb when he saw Derry entering his garden after climbing over the garden wall?

Ans. Mr. Lamb saw Derry entering his garden after climbing over the garden wall. Derry was startled. He explained that he entered the garden because it was a secluded place and nobody lived there. He didn’t enter to steal anything. 
Mr. Lamb tried to comfort Derry. He asked him not to be afraid of anything. The gate was open and anybody could enter the garden. 

Q. Why does Derry say: “… I’m not afraid. [Pause] People are afraid of me ?”

Ans. Derry suffers from the complex that most physically impaired persons suffer from. He becomes withdrawn and defiant. He has got a burnt face. 
He thinks that he is the ugliest person on earth. People find his face very terrible. They get scared when they look at his horrible face. So he is not afraid of the people but they are afraid of him.

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