Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 English Elective With Answers PDF 2023

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Today we are going to cover Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 English elective With Answers PDF 2024. These are very important questions for the upcoming exam for class 12th students

Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 English Elective

SubjectEnglish Elective
Medium English
Study MaterialsImportant questions answers
Download PDFImportant Questions for Class 12 English Elective

MCQ’s questions from 1 to 40

SECTION-A (Reading Section) Marks: 10 Read the passage carefully and answer the questions

Plankton or algae mostly constitutes the plant life. Like plant plankton there is also animal plankton; the last living creature in the sea. These animal plankton feed on plant plankton and small fish. Thus, there is an unbroken chain of life in the sea.

Arctic and Antarctic oceans abound in plankton and algae and so in fish. Blue whales, the largest living creatures in the world, are also found here in gnumbersumber.

Some countries have developed sea farming to a great extent. The Japanese and the Hawaiians relish eating sea plants but it is not so in other countries though some use them to feed their cattle or as manure in their fields. 

Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 English Elective With Answers PDF 2023
Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 English Core

The fact is that sea plants contain rich nutrients not found in other vegetarian foods. It is good that even in our country some scientists have developed some recipes for curries, jams etc, to be made from algae.

But we must remember one thing the sea is not to be exploited immediately. For example, man in his greed has hunted whales and some other sea creatures so recklessly that some of their species have either become extinct or are on the verge of extinction. 

Now, nations of the world have realised their folly and have taken some joint decisions. For example, one such decision is that the size of the holes in fishing nets should be big enough to let baby fish escape through. 

Otherwise se, the killing of large quantities of very young fish is worth the fish population. In the same, way another decision is for the protection of the blue whales.

1. What does the plankton or algae mostly constitute?

(1) wildlife life

(2) The sea life

(3) The plant life

(4) The human life

Ans. (3)

2. The size of the holes in fishing nets should be big enough to let

(1) big fish stay in

Baby baby fish escape through

(3) water flow out

(4) more fish and water enter 

Ans. (2)

3. Sea plants contain rich nutrients not found in

(1) milk and milk products

(2) non-vegetarian food

Otherther vegetarian food

(4) other plants

Ans. (3)

4. Animal plankton feeds on

(1) plant plankton and small fish

(2) vegetarian food

(3) blue whales

(4) other sea creatures 

Ans. (1)

5. Where are plankton or algae found abundantly?

(1) Arctic ocean

(2) Antarctic ocean

(3) PaciOceancean

(4) Both (1) and (2)

Ans. (4)

6. The antonym of plenty’ is


(2) inadequate

(3) more

(4) väst 

Ans. (2)

(Q. Nos. 7-10): Read the following poem carefully and answer the questions from 7 to 10.

If ever I travel to France or Spain,

I mean to go in an aeroplane.

I’ve read all about it, and now I know

How they swing the propeller, and off you go! 

A run and a bounce, and you’re looking down 

From high in the sky on a little toy town And the field like a bedspread, green and brown, 

With ribbony roads, all winding through,

So empty and quiet, it hardly seems true. That anyone there looking up to see 

You racing along, like a big letter T,

Through the clouds and into the light.

Smaller and smaller, and out of sight.

And taeroplaneane climbs and dips and swings

While loudly and proudly the engine sings,

And the pilot sits in his cockpit there

With the wireless to bring him the news on the air.

7. Where does the poet want to travel?

(1) France

(2) Spain

(3) Canada

(4) Both (1) and (2)

Ans. (4)

8. How does the poet wish to travel?

(1) By an aeroplane

(2) By a car

(3) By a train

(4) By a bus

Ans. (1)

9. What looks like a big letter T? 

(1) Cockpit 

(2) Aeroplane

(3) Field 

(4) Road

Ans. (2)

10. Where does the pilot sit?

(1) Field

(2) Radio room

(3) Cockpit

(4) None of these

Ans. (3) 

(Q.Nos. 11 to 15): Choose the correct reported speech (- direct speech) for the given direct speech.

11. The direct speech teacher said, “We will study this chapter later”.

(1) The teacher said that they will study that chapter later.

(2) The teacher said that they would study that chapter later 

(3) The teacher said that they would study this chapter later

(4) The teacher said they would study that chapter later 

Ans. (1)

12. Dirspeechdhav said, “The Earth revolves around the Sun”.

(1) Madhav said that the Earth revolved around the Sun

(2) Madhav said that the Earth revolves around the Sun

(3) Madhav said that the Earth revolves around the Sun

(4) Madhav said that the Earth revolves around the Sun 

Ans. (3)

13. Direct speech – Hema told me, “I visited Coorg in May”.

(1) Hema told me that she visited Coorg in May 

(2) Hema told me that she had visited Coorg in May

(3) Hema told me that she would visit Coorg in May 

(4) Hema told me that she will visit Coorg in May 

Ans. (1)

14. “Where do you stay ?” Kiran asked Bishu.

(1) Kiran asked Bishu where he slayed

(2) Kiran asked, Bishu where he stay 

(3) Kiran asked Bishu where did you stay

(4) Kiran asked Bishu where does he stay

Ans. (1)

15. Direct speech – Dheeraj said, “I am running late.”

(1) Dheeraj said that he is running late

(2) Dheeraj said that I am running late

(6) Dheeraj said that he ran late

(4) Dheeraj said that he was running late

Ans. (4)

16. “Should World Governments get involved in addressing Climate Change ?” is a

(1) Descriptive essay

(2) Argumentative essay

(3) Narrative essay

(4) Reflective essay 

Ans. (2)

17……… is a piece of writing that deals with its subject from a personal point of view.

(1) A Report 

(2) An Essay 

(3) A Notice 

(4) A Letter 


18. In report writing, the narration of the event is always written in

(1) Present form

(2) Immediate past form 

(3) Simple future tense

(4) Present continuous tense

Ans. (1)

19. We should not include………… in report writing.

(1) Personal comments

(2) Data collected

(3) Information by witness 

(4) None of these

Ans. (1)

20. Which of the following is not the comfort of essay writing?

(1) Introduction

(2) Body

(3) Expression of Thanks In the story 

(4) Conclusion

Ans. (3)

21. in the story rySellsell My Dreams’ who died in the sea storm?

(1) Narrator

(2) Pablo Neruda

(3) Frau Frieda 

(4) Frau Frieda’s brother 

Ans. (3)

22. Where did the narrator meet Frau Frieda for the first time?

(1) Ata tavern in Vienna

(2) At a college in Vienna

(3) At a tavern in Havana 

(4) At a college in Havana 

Ans. (1) 

23. In the lesson ‘I Sell My Dreams’, what did the narrator call the mystery lady?

(1) Eveline 

(2) Miss Hill 

(3) Bessy 

(4) Frau Frieda 

Ans. (4) 

24. What did Eveline promise to her mother before her mother’s death?

(1) To marry her love

(2) To run away from home 

(3) To take care of the family

(4) To complete her education

Ans. (3)

25. What is the profession of Eveline’s lover? 

(1) Lawyer 

(2) Doctor 

(3) Singer 

(4) Sailor

Ans (4)

26. How old was Eveline?

(1) Twenty years

(2) Nineteen years

(3) Eighteen years

(4) Seventeen Years

Ans. (2)

27. What was Dr Solomon’s wife’s nationality?

(1) French

(2) Indian

(3) American

(4) German 

Ans. (4)

28. WhereDrd Dr. Margolin along with other Seniors take shelter?

(1) Germany

(2) Poland

(3) New York

(4) London 

Ans. (3)

29. Who was Dr. Solomon’s first love?

(1) Greta

(2) Rebecca

(3) Raizel

(4) Rachel

Ans. (3)

30 Whoisthepoetofthepocin/ALectureUpontheShadow”?

(1) William Blake

(2) Shakespeare

(3) John Donne

(4) John Milton

Ans. (3)

31. What went along with the two lovers?

(1) Shadows

(2) Their parents

(3) Their friends

(4) Police

Ans. (1)

32. What has been addressed as ‘envious’ in the poem, ‘On Time?

(1) Love

(2) Time

(3) Friendship

(4) Behaviour

Ans. (2)

33. What does the poet ask “Time” to do?

(1) Fly

(2) Rest

(3) Swim

(4) Run

Ans. (1)

34. The poem ‘On Shakespeare’ was written by Milton after the………… of Shakespeare.

(1) marriage

(2) death

(3) birth

(4) first marriage anniversary

Ans. (2)

35. Why was the woman, ‘described in the poem KuKhanhan’ wailing? 

(1) Because she had lost her parents

(2) Because she had lost her child

(3) Because her demon lover had abandoned her

(4) Because she was punished by Kubla Khan

Ans. (3)

36. The sacred river in the poem “Kubla Khan” is

(1) Jordan

(2) Ganges

(3) Alph

(4) Styx 


37. Which laws restrict our freedom in a civilised society?

(1) The laws of the land

(2) The laws of the labour

(3) The laws of the freedom

(4) All of these

Ans. (4)

38. Which jobs cannot be shirked by us?

(1) Professional

(2) Personal

(3) Natural

39. Ananda asked for.

(1) Love

(2) Food

(3) Water

(4) Rest 


40. What does Prakriti insist her mother to do?

(1) Buy her a new dress

(2) To continue her education

(3) Cast a spell on the monk

(4) Allow her to meet her father

Ans. (3)

(Very short answer type questions)

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions from Question Nos. 

Vallabhbhai Patel was a man of strong will and words. He was born on October 31, 1875, in Nadiad, Gujarat. Sardar Patel had no formal education. He helped his father in the field ploughing and sowing. While helping his father he also learnt arithmetic tables taught to him by his father. 

He was a humble child. His character and will was very strong. There are numerous incidents of his childhood which prove that he was a man of strong character. These incidents in his life made him popular all over the world. 

He was mentally and physically strong by birth and remained so throughout his life. It was his intelligence, devotion, hard work and patriotism. that made him the ‘Iron Man of India’.

1. When and where was Vallabhbhai Patel born?

Ans. Vallabhbhai Patel was born on October 31, 18,75 in Nadiad, Gujarat.

2. What made him the Iron Man of India?

Ans. His intelligence, devotion, hard work and patriotism made him the ‘Iron Man of India’.

3. What things did Pateldod do while working in the fields?

Ans. While working in the fields, Patel learned arithmetic tables taught to him by his father.

4. What made him popular throughout the world?-

Ans. Numerous incidents of his strong character and willpower made him popular throughout the world. 

5. The passage discusses the life and personality of which great Indian personality? 

Ans. The given passage discusses the life and personality of Vallabhbhai Patel, the great Indian personality.

Read the following poem carefully and answer any two questions from the Question 

Day by day I float my paper boats one by one down the running stream. In big black letters I write my name on them and the name of the village where I live I hope that someone “in some strange land will find them and know who I am I load my little boats with flowers from our garden And hope that these blooms of the dawn will be carried safely to land in the night, 

I launch my paper boats look up into the sky and see the little clouds setting through bulging sails… 

6. Where does the boy float his paper boat?

Ans. The boy floats his paper boat down the running stream.

7. Why does he write his name on the paper boats?

Ans. The boy writes his name on the paper bots, so whoever finds them, would know who he is,

8. What things do the boy load in his paper boats?

Ans. The boy loads shiuli flowers in his paper boats. 

SECTION-B (Long Answer Type Questions)

Answer any two of the following in not more than 100 words

9. Write an essay on “Improving the health conditions of our country”.

Ans. Improving Health Conditions of our Country As the world’s second most populous country and one of the fastest-growing economies, India faces both unique challenges and unprecedented opportunities in the sphere of public health.

According to Worldorld Bank, infant mortality in India fell from 66 to 38 per 1.000 live births from 2000 to 2015. Life expectancy at birth has increased from 63 to 68 years, and the maternal mortality ratio has fallen from 374 to;174 per 100,000 live births over the same period.

India also has dynamic pharmaceutical and biotechnologindustriesies; world-class scientists, including hospitals that attract for-

eign patients and treat its better-off citizens above-mentioned facts and figures clearly state that the health conditions of our country are improving widely and positively.

10. Write a short composition on “India of My Dreams” or “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.

Ans. India of My DreIns in the India of My Dreams every man will have a high moral sense, a deep love for the nation. Our country is backward in the field of science and industry. 

I want India to be a leading country in new technology. Our industries should grow fast. We shoproduceduce everything we need. The India of my dream will go nuclear for peaceful purposes. Education will get its due importance. 

Every countryman will get a job of his choice. Students will be devoted to their studies. Politicians will not be allowed to misuse students.

India must be a very strong country in the world. We have to protect hard-earned freedom. The defences of the country will be very strong. India is a peace-loving country But it will have to be ready for war if it trusts us. 

The India of my dream will follow the policy of truth and non-violence. We have peace only when we are very strong. Our country likes to have friendly relations with its neighbours. The India of my dreams will be a mighty country on all fronts.

Today, we find a big gap between the rich and the poor. There is corruption in all walks of life. The India of my dreams will have social justice. The gap between the poor and the rich will be narrowed down. Everybody will get equal opportunity to be their best self. 

There will be discipline, peace and progress all around. Nationalism will overcome the feelings of casteism and regionalism. There will be an atmosphere of equality, brotherhood and freedom all over the country. 

The India of my dreams will bring heat to the earth. There will be Ram Rajyathe in the true sense of the term. May God fulfil my dream.

Atmanirbhar Bharat is a new government policy encouraging ag- ing local talengeneratingerates new employment for people because many people and labourers lost jobs during job in the epidemic of Covid 19. So, this scheme was launched to encourage people to develop their businesses and contribute to the development of the nation.

PM Narendra Modi introduced the Atma Nirbhar Bharat policy on 2 May 2020. This policy is an initiative to raise job opportunities in India. It encourages young minds to set up their own business.

Vocal for the local major slogan of this scheme. This initiative will decrease the national dependency on imports. It is a very good campaign for the development of our country.

11. As a responsible citizen, you had to start a campaign on ‘Say No to Polythene Bags’ in your locality. Write a report for your school magazine,

Ans. 1 Feb. 2022, The Manav Seva Samiti of Ashoka Chandra organised a campaign (from the 9th to the 14th of this month) to increase awareness about the hazards of Polythene bags. The campaign was named ‘Say No to Polythene Bags’. 

Banners bearing this slogan were in various places in the locality, Members of the Samdividedided themselves into groups of foundrs r, and Each group visited the people in their homes. 

People were told that Polythene was biodegradable. These bags could choksewerssewere. They could also spoil the fertility of soil soll. 

Shopkeepers in the locality took great interest in the campaign. Many of them promised never to use Polythene bags in future. The campaign was a great success. Everyone in the locality praised the Samiti members for their good work. 

SECTION-C (Short Answer Type Questions)

Answer any five of the following in not more than 50 words

12. Was Tareally intended to cheat the temple guard?

Ans. Tau Ying would try all the possible ways to be the perfect- perfect, flawless mother in the eyes of her son. Normally, when her son was not with her she would act smart by travelling without a ticket. But that day her son was with her. 

She bought an extra ticket for him. Though the conductor pointed out that her son was one centimetre short requiring ing a ticket, she bought one to make her son happy. She intended to make him proud of getting taller. 

The money spent on tickets could be ablesgetable or sundry that which she badly needed. But however poor, she would never allow herself to lose face in front of her son.

13. Why does the poet feel low to see the Swan?

Ans. The years have passed and nothing has changed for the poets. Poet feels low or sad to see them while his body refuses to feel as lively again as it once used to. Seeing the swans so lively and free from all worries, the poet feels low or sad for human life which is full of tension and who don’t enjoy the real meaning of life.

14. What is the moral of the story “One Centimeter”?

Ans. The moral of the story ‘Once centimetre, written by Bi Shu- min is that children are the best imitators in the world. They can copy the behaviour of others very easily. Tao Ying realised that

she wanted her son to behave as if he were the product of a cultured home, then she must concentrate and never fail to own an example.

15. Mention some risks involved.

Ans. There are the following risksfilmmakingking. These copayingise pay off a bulk amount of the producer and the bank director or the theatre owner in case, the film is flopped down the. It’s situation in which the public refers to go see that second Second risk is that the time, money, talent, initiative and creative ability are put at stake while filmmaking is destroyed if ultimately the film meets a flop. 

Filmmakers have to hear with sheer criticism and public indifference at teaching stepfilmmakingking. The last risk involvedfilmmakingkthat religious sentimenttimemisusedmis-used and abused brutally in this industry. Religious emotions are drawn and directed through intel so act soas the to get upper hand of the public.

16. How does the poetess Kamala Das hood in the poem Blood”? 

Ans. It is with imagery of playing on the sands, drawing birds and animals. It’s an innocent state of mind in which persuasive chats are imprinted in the heart of the poetess.

Q17. What is the difference between animate thin in- in-animate?

Ans. Here the tenn ‘mark / has been used in meaning to show characteristics. The things that mark animate things from inanimate-mates are the activities done by inanimates. 

The characteristics of the human hand while writing are the hat of act of the brain, mind, soul, all things that it writes, the things it understands and the thoughts about which it explains. 

Here the author says that itpartialtial thinking if people say it is soul and brain only says tells that all activities are done and meet to perfection only when binanimatemate and animate things establish a unity or integration.

18. What is the simple trust includes includes the philosopher or the scientist?

Ans. The simple truth that eludes a philosopher started his talking abalmightyghty and supreme soul (Atman). As conscious of Tharee two is invisible and generally, transcendent Utopia-liketike assumptions. 

Temasisesis on Nirvana or life after death and whether the ver where the human body was the living soul is here. Philosophers say the man is mortal with age countable in finger-tips. According to them, man’s passions, urges, desires and aspirations become cause for reward or punishment after his death. 

They imagine hell and heaven, the two institutions where man goes as per his acts while on earth. The author tells their assumptemulationmua location or a simple truth. He understands hell and existence here on the blue planet. He ridicules

philosophers saying thathoughare tshroughis as pygmy as a rabbit’s pill Simple truth of a scientist is believing in physical tilings, lifeless or dead in themselves. He puts at stakconscience conscious taking dead things as if they were living or alive. He dissects the living order to find life in pieces i.e. how the liver, kidney, heart, lungs are in their respective functions. 

The author says that living is a whole with all systems, organs, organelle, including cells. These have no meaning separately because man alive is greater than his soul,

SECTION-D (Long Answer Type Questions)

Answer any one of the following groups in not more than 100 words from Question 

19. Discuss the significance of the red diary in the novel  “The Financial Expert’.

Ans. In the novel ‘The Financial Expert’, the red diary in I Margyy’s red account book, carries a School Leaving Certificate Book. In the red diary, Margayya wrote the accounts of the book which is very important for him. 

20. How does Margayya become rich?

Ans. The Financial Expert is the story of the rise and fall of Margayya. It is his obsession with money that takes him to pink- the nachle of wealth and ultimately brings his downfall. The story of his rise and fall is in five phases.

In firstfirs phase, Margayya acts as the financial adviser to the peasants. He transacts his business under a banyan tree in front of the Malgudi Central Co-operative Mortgage Bank. There Is always a semi-circle of peasants around him, and by their attitude and expression one might easily guess that they are suppliants, Margayya is to them a wizard who enables them to draw unlimited loans from the cooperative Bank.

In the second phase, Margayya becomes the pro publisher- list of the book ‘Domestic Harmony in collaboration with the printer, Mr Lal. But he hates this business. He goes to the priest, shows him his horoscope and tells him to worship Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth for forty days, Margayya goes to the pond of the red lotuses. 

Hebrews Dr.journalisturaniist, correspondent and author. His book ‘Bed Life’ is printed in the press of Madan Lafifty-partnershipnership basis. He earns a lot of money through the sales of the book and within a short period he becomes well-known for his riches.

In the third phase, Margayya became a financial adviser and money lender to the peasants, With his offices on Market Road. This he does after selling his copyright of the Domestic Harmony to Madan Lal.

In the fourth phase, Margayya becomes the financial wizard who deposits deposit and pays fabulous interest with the help of Dr Pal. 

He becomes a very rich and influential citizen of Malgudi, His son Balu is marrtowith the daughter of a rich tea- estate owner and bribes the Pandit to match the horoscope to the rich man’s daughter Brind, a. At tDr Dr Pal can ets undisturopportunitynity to spoil Balu more and more.

In the fifth phase, we come across the ‘insolvent Margayya. As a result of his quarrel with Dr. Pal, Margayya loses everything. Dr. Pal is beaten and insulted by Margayya in the presence of Balu and ac- DDrsses. Dr Pal takes revenge. He not only files an F.I.R. against him but also o spreads a rumour that Margayya’s financial position is weak.” People come to Margayya to have their money withdrawn. declaredgayya deal himself insolvent. He returns to where he had started.

Group B Answer any one of the following questions:

21. Describe the comic vision of R.K. Mr Narayan in “A Tiger for Malgudi”.

Ans. ‘A Tiger for Malgudi’ is an investing tale of the human-ani-mal relationship, psychology, human greed, lust, and fame that too with spiritual guidance. It is about a tiger possessed of the soul of an enlightened human being who tell us the story of his life.

It combines the elusive timeless quality of Hindu legend with the comic vision of Narayan’s humour of close and realistic observation of life, precise juxtaposition of incongruities, deflation of illusion and above all sympathy rather than harsh satire.

22. Describe the tiger’s life at Mem Pi Hills.

Ans. Initially, Raja had very bad experiences with humans. He lost his family whwaswere killed by the hunter. He decided to take reveonfrom the humans who entered into nearby village and started killing the pets of villagers who ended up in a cage. 

Again captaintain (owner of the circus) and his wife mistreat him to train him for the circus show. But after these mischievous the, finally to a monk with whom he got connected and learned earn the spiritualitylity of the world.


Q: Are these important questions for English electives?

Yes, These are important questions for English electives.

Q: Can I download a pdf?

Sure, You can download a PDF.

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