VVI Psychology Class 12 Chapter 9 MCQs Questions With Answers Developing Psychological Skills Easy Pdf

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Psychology Class 12 Chapter 9 MCQs Questions With Answers Developing Psychological Skills, psychology class 12 Chapter 9 Mcq questions with answers, psychology class 12 Chapter 9 extra questions

Psychology Class 12 Chapter 9 MCQs Questions With Answers

Chapter NameDeveloping Psychological Skills
Chapter numberChapter 9
Medium English
Study MaterialsMCQs
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Developing Psychological Skills MCQs

1. Which skills are of general nature and are required in all types of psychologists?

(a) observation skills

(b) Counseling skills

(c) communication skills

(d) general skill

2. Opportunity to observe and study behaviour in natural or naturalistic conditions gives

(a) Observation

(b) interview

(d) contemplative skills

(c) communication

3. In the techniques of therapeutic intervention, which category of psychologists is required to have training in psychological assessment and counselling? 

(a) those working in clinical situations 

(b) organizational

(c) associated with business functions

(d) Environmental

4. Taking ideas, giving meaning to them and turning them into messages is it called?

(a) active listening

(b) The perception of it

(c) code notation

(d) Conversation

5. Which is used in the language in which meanings are tied?

(a) of decoding

(b) of symbols

(c) of speech

(d) culture

6. Without the use of spoken language, the non-verbal actions by which we communicate symbolically, what is it called?

(a) code notation

(b) body language

(c) objectivity

(d) sense organs

7. What type of questions are less specific and only state the subject?(For example, what made you happy overall in your job?)

(a) direct question

(b) Mirror question

(c) Unanswered questions

(d) Free-answer questions

8. Interview process is used in counselling. Counselling and interview are-

(a) Similar

(b) unequal

(c) motivational

(d) limited

9. For whom are qualities such as authenticity and restatement considered effective?

(a) for the consultant

(b) for the reader

(c) for testing

(d) to the sender



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