Report Writing Class 12 & Factual Description, Format, Examples, Topics, Samples

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If are you a student of class 12th and you are looking for important notes on the subject of English (Report Writing Class 12 & Factual Description) then this website is for you.

This website tells you the question and answers which are very important for the exam and for the last few years it gives you the same questions, by reading these questions you can get very good marks in your exam.

I myself have been a topper of class 12th and I know what type of questions are asked in class 12th exam. At present, I am also playing the role of a teacher, and also make my students practice important information and topics of class 12th. I have written the MCQs article here with my experience of more than 5 years. With the help of this post, you will be able to get very good marks in history from this chapter in the exam.

Report Writing Class 12 & Factual Description

Chapter Report Writing Class 12 & Factual Description
BoardCBSE & All Others boards
SubjectEnglish Elective  (Flamingo)
Medium English
Study MaterialsCBSE & All Other boards

Report Writing Class 12 & Factual Description, Format, Examples, Topics, Samples

Report Writing Class 12 & Factual Description
Poster Writing Class 12 Format, Examples, Samples, Topics

how to write a report & Factual Description For Class 12?

A report or a factual description based on verbal input provided (one out of two) (100-125 words.) 10 Marks

A Report or Factual Description is a form of communication in which some information is conveyed, usually in writing, to someone who wants it. The form of the report has to be such that the person receiving it can draw information from the report quickly and easily. A report can be of many kinds, e.g.

(1) Reporting news 

(2) Reporting events

(3) Reporting messages 

(4) Reporting experiences

(5) Reporting experiments 

(6) Reporting meetings/interviews 

A report can be in the form of a paragraph, essay or letter. It can also be in the form of notes or sub-titles. The form of a report depends on its nature or subject matter, the space available for its printing, and the person or persons for whom it is meant.

Reporting an event or incident needs great communication skills. Correspondents of all leading newspapers form a vast network whose job is only to send reports of important events or incidents to the news agencies. Written reports are permanent records of events.


Q.1. You are Vikash of Gandhi Sr. Sec. School, Hazaribagh. You visited a Science Exhibition organised by the city school recently. Write a brief report in 100-125 words for your school magazine on what you saw, the exhibit you liked most and other special features of the exhibition.



Jan. 25: Gandhi Senior Secondary School, Hazaribagh, organized a science fair to encourage scientific temper in the students. The Science Exhibition was inaugurated by the deputy commissioner, Ashok Singh. About 250 students participated in the exhibition. More than 100 models and charts based on the theme “Indigenous Technology and Sustainable Development” were put on display. 

Three winners were selected from four subjects exhibition environment management, source of energy, health and nutrition and education technology. During the prize distribution ceremony, Mr Sen remarked that the students must develop a spirit of enquiry in them. He lauded the efforts of the school in doing the same.


2. Every year your school celebrates ‘Children’s Day which falls on 14th November, the birthday of Nehruji. Write a report in 100-125 words for your school newsletter on how the day was celebrated this year in your school.



Aug. 25: Like every year, this year too, ‘Chacha’ Nehru’s’ birthday was celebrated with great enthusiasm. The day was marked with great festivity and innovation by the different sections in their own respect and style. 

When kindergarten had a party time all through the day, children of the senior section put up an impressive display of rangoli designs circling the school boundary Some entertaining games and sports like bursting the balloon, banana race one and three-legged race, etc., were also organised. 

A speech by the Principal Mr Vijay Munda urged the students to set goals and visions for their lives and learn from different moments that encompass them.


Q.3. You are an eyewitness to a road accident resulting in the loss of human life and property. As a press reporter for India Today, write a report in about 100 words.


Deoghar: 25th March 2007. India Today News Service. Deoghar is no more a safe city. Various accidents are reported every day on the roads of the city. The horrible road accident that took away two innocent lives yesterday is just an addition to the long list. A school bus collided with an oil tanker coming from the opposite direction. 

The accident took place near Hazra Ganj Police Station. The driver of the bus lost control of the speeding bus The driver of the oil tanker tried to take a sharp turn. There was a head-on collision. The school bus was toppled over. The oil tanker caught fire. Most of the children were saved. 

But the conductor and a schoolboy died on the spot Ten students received minor injuries. They have admitted to a nearby hospital The fire brigade arrives within ten minutes. But the oil flown onto the road caught fire. The loss ran into thousands of rupees.

Q.4. You are Sunil Sunil of St. Paul Sr. Secondary School of Hazaribagh Your school has recently conducted a charity show in aid of the flood-affected people of Andhra. As Cultural Secretary of the Students’ Council of your school write a report in not more than 100 words on this activity of the school for publication in The Hindu’ 



Aug. 25: A charity show was conducted by St. Paul Sr. Secondary School of Hazaribagh in aid of the flood-affected people of Jharkhand. The show was conducted by the Cultural Society of the Students’ Council of the School As part of the show a fete and a one-act play ‘Love Conquers All’ were organised. 

All the students put in their best to make the show a success. Tickets for the fete and the play were sold in advance. A good amount of money was able to collect by way of some interesting games at the fete. In all, the society was able to collect Rs. 25540/-. The entire collection was sent through a Demand Draft to the Chief Minister’s Flood Relief Fund.


Cultural Secretary

Students’ Councill 

St. Paul Sr. Secondary School.

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Q. 5. You are Sudarshan / Seema of Indira Gandhi Memorial Sr. Secondary School Hazaribagh. Your school has just inaugurated its new Computer Wing, constructed with generous grants from the Indira Gandhi Foundation. Write a report in not more than 100 words for your school magazine on the programme organised by the school on this occasion



June 25: The new Computer Wing of the school was inaugurated by Dr Anil Shukla, Principal of St. Xavier College, Ranchi. The construction of the wing has been possible due to generous grants from the Rajeev Gandhi Foundation. 

On this occasion, a talk on computers and their use were organised by the Science Club of the school. The talk was given by Dr Anil Shukla, who has recently returned from America after advanced training in computer science. The talk was very interesting and informative. 

He told the students about different kinds of computers and their use in our present-day life. He impressed upon the students to take maximum advantage of their new computer wing and gain some elementary knowledge about the working of computers while they are yet in the school stage. Really, the computer wing is going to help the students a great deal.

Indira Gandhi Memorial School, Hazaribagh

Q. 6. You are Sidarth/ Sheela of Vivekananda Memorial Sr. Secondary School, Kolkata. Recently you had the honour of having participated as a contingent leader of your school team in the Republic Day Parade in Delhi, in which your school was adjudged as the best Participating team. Write a report in not more than 100 words about this memorable event for publication in your school magazine.



Jan 28: A contingent of the school team, headed by Anirudh of XII B, sma turnout of the team and their impressive march-past won the admiration of the Chief Guest. Of all the participating teams ours was adjudged the best and each member of the team was awarded the president’s certificate of commendation. 

It was a rare honour but for which we had all to practise very hard for the full two months. We share the pride of this memorable event with all the staff and students.



Leader, School Contingent

Q.7. You are Madhuri Mahesh a staff reporter for Hindustan. You had been asked to cover the incident of a daylight robbery when the inmates were present in a house on the outskirts of Giridih. Write a report in about 10 words.

staff reporter for Hindustan

Ans. Giridih: 25th March 5: (Madhuri), The Times of India News Service. Giridih is no more the safe city it used to be, Daylight robberies have become a part of the cultural life of the city. Yesterday, a daring daylight robbery was committed by Anand entering the house. 

They asked for the keys to the cupboards and boxes. They had revolvers and daggers in their hand Women and children became dumb with fear. The robbers finished their job within minutes. They decamped with all the jewellery and about twenty-five thousand rupees in cash. Before running away, they locked the inmates in the room. 

The neighbours rushed to help only when they heard their cries. The police came an hour late. No one believes that the lost valuables and money will be recovered. The people seem to have lost faith in the police.

Q.8. You are Uma/Umesh. As the president of a voluntary organisation, you have visited a slum area in your city destroyed in a massive fire. Write a report on the tragic situation of these homeless people to be published in the magazine. (Word limit: 125 words) 



Bokaro, 25th March, 2005 (Usha). The massive fire in Inderpuri, a slur area in the city, proved to be a complete disaster. The area is inhabited mostly by the weaker sections. There are many junk shops, and godowns of used plastic goods, newspapers and clothes. Being the President of the Citizens’ Club, a voluntary organisation, I went door to door to look after the relief work. The area presented a picture of a living hell. 

Most of the huts were burnt. Thousands of people were rendered shelterless on the wintry nights. A stop-g arrangement was made in the building of the Modern Public School. Voluntary organisations did a commendable job. Blankets, medicines and food were distributed to the affected people. But the situation of the homeless and helpless people is still too tragic for words. Only prompt and adequate relic measures undertaken by the concerned authorities can ease the situation.

Q.9. Write a report in about 100 words on the ‘No Tobacco Day’ Programme organised by your school on 4th June 2000, 



Latehar, 4th June 2005. The No Tobacco Day Programme organised by Model Public School, Latehar, drew appreciation from many quarters. The school invited the noted surgeon Dr S. K. Khanna to deliver a lecture on the subject. Dr Khanna spoke at length counting the harmful effects of smoking. He warned that excessive smoking leads to cancer of the lungs, high blood- pressure, and respiratory and heart diseases. The day was celebrated as No Tobacco Day. 

All the students of XI and XII took a pledge to remain non-smokers forever. A documentary titled ‘Say No to Tobacco’ was screened. It was quite entertaining as well as educational. The programme ended with a speech of the Programme being a great success. It helped to increase a small number of non-smokers in the town.

Q. 10. You are Kashinath/ Kanchar working for The Sunday magazine. Last week, you attended a seminar on The Importance of Blood Donation’, organised by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi. Write a report on the seminar in not more than 100 words for publication in the magazine you represent.



May 15: A seminar on “The Importance of Blood Donation’ was organised by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi, last evening Some very eminent doctors and philanthropists took part in the seminar. 

All the speakers underlined the importance of donating blood for the cause of saving valuable human lives. Blood donation was ranked as the highest form of service to humanity and the best form of worship of God. 

A blood donor, it was pointed out, loses nothing in terms of money or health. But he or she earns all blessings of the Almighty and unbounded gratitude of the one who receives this life-saving gift. Impressed by the views expressed by the speakers, many of the audience pledged to donate blood at least once a year.


‘The Sunday Reporter

Q. 11. You are Lakshman/ Leela. As a responsible citizen, you have organised a campaign on ‘Say No to Polythene Bags’, in your locality. Write a report in not more than 125 words for publication in a magazine.



Chatra: 15 May 2005. The Manav Seva Samiti of Ashok Chatra organised a campaign (from the 9th to the 14th of this month) to create awareness about the hazard of Polythene bags. The campaign was named

‘Say No to Polythene Bags Banners bearing this slogan were displayed in various places in the locality. Members of the Samiti divided themselves into groups of four. Each group visited the people in their homes. People were to? how the use of Polythene bags polluted the environment. They were told the Polythene was not biodegradable. 

These bags could choke the sewers. They could also spoil the fertility of the soil. shop-keepers in the locality have great interest in the campaign. Many of them promised never to use Polythene be in future. The campaign was a great success. Everyone in the locality praises the Samiti members for their good work. 


Manav Seva Samiti 

Asohok Nagar, Chatra

Q. 12. You are Dinesh/ Dolly working as a newspaper reporter for the Times of India. Yesterday, you were invited to attend a press conference convened by the Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs on the proposed changes in the Constitution of India to provide a stable government to the country Write a report for publication in your paper in not more than 10 words, covering the government’s proposals.



May 30: A press conference was called by the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs last evening. The Minister disclosed that the Government proposed to bring about certain changes in the Construction of India with a view to ending the problem of frequent mid-term elections. 

One General Election costs the country one thousand crores, and a poor country like India can ill-afford it time and again. So some changes in the Constitution are being worked outs so that a government once elected can complete its full term of five years. All the opposition parties are also being taken into confidence.


Newspaper Reporter

The Times of India 

Q. 13. Your school has recently celebrated its Golden Jubilee, organising a number of inter-school competitions and awarding the prizes gala function As the Secretary of the Cultural Club of your school, write a report in 125 words, suitable to be published in your school magazine. You are Sunita 



Kodarma, 31st March, 2005 (Sunil. Mahatma Gandhi Memorial St Secondary School, Kodarma, celebrated its Golden Jubilee on 20th March 2005. The prestigious institution has completed fifty years of its glorious contribution to the field of education. A number of the inter-school competitions were the major attractions of the week-long celebrations. On-the-spot Essay and Painting Competitions drew maximum entries. 

The Education Minister was the Chief Guest on the concluding day. Inter-school Dance Competitions and Group Songs enthralled the audience. St. John’s School won the trophy for Best School. Its students bagged seven first Positions. In his speech, the Chief Guest highlighted the Mahatma Gandhi School’s contribution to the field of education. At the end of the gala function, he gave away the prizes to the winners.

Q. 14. Your school has celebrated ‘Library Week’. As the Head Boy/Head Girl of your school write a report on it to be published in your school News Letter.



July 25: Our school celebrated its ‘Library Week’ from 6.3.2005 to 11.3.2008. All students and their parents were invited to join the celebrations. The school library was tastefully decorated for this occasion. A lecture was organised to educate the students on how best they can use the library. 

They were also told how to locate on the shelves a book of one’s choice. Each visitor was also told how books on different subjects are catalogued and arranged. Some of the visitors were so impressed that donated a number of useful books to the library. A short cultural programme was organised on a concluding day.


Head Girl of the school

Q. 15. You are Shashi/ Seeta. You have observed that health clubs and beauty parlours are mushrooming everywhere. Recently the residents of your colony had a seminar on this subject wherein people talked about the growing awareness of health and beauty. Write a report in not more than 125 words for publication in a magazine.



Simdega: 25 June 2005, One can see health clubs and beauty parlours in every part of a city or town these days. Even in small villages, there can be found or two. This mushrooming of health clubs and beauty parlours has made one thing very clear. 

It is that the young men and women of today have become very conscious of their health and physical looks. There is another point that can be noticed. Health clubs are not visited by men alone. There are health clubs for ladies even. And beauty parlours are frequented by men also. 

The residents of Malviya Nagar recently held a seminar on this new trend. There was a very lively discussion. Most of the speakers found nothing wrong with this new trend. They found nothing wrong in the desire to look smart, beautiful and healthy. But to devote all one’s time and energy to this thing only is not a desirable thing. The inner, moral, mental and spiritual development needs equal consideration.


Q. 16. You were a member of your school Quiz Team which won the Jharkhand Academic Council Quiz Contest at the national level. Draf report about it to be published in your school magazine in about 125 You are Rajan/Rajani. 


Ans A National Level Quiz Contest was held by the Jharkhand Academic Council on the 25th of October, 2005-A team, consisting of two members from our school took part in this contest. It was a very interesting contest in which twenty other teams from all over India took part. 

The contest was on a knockout system in which our team was lucky enough to reach the fin Our opponents in the final was a very strong team but we outsmarted them in the final decisive rounds. 

They were leading by 20 points at the end of t third round. But in the fourth and fifth rounds, we had a sort of walk-over sin our opponents, in the contest by a comfortable margin of 8 points. The glittering trophy now adorns the principal’s office.


(One of the two Participants)

Q. 17. You have taken part in an inter-school oratorical competition conducted by the state Government of India on the topic ‘Wome Empowerment’ and won the First Prize at the State level. Write a report o this, to be published in your school magazine. You are XYZ, a student of the class.



Ans. XII of ABC School, Jamshedpur. (Word limit: 125 words). 

Jamshedpur, 25th January 2005 (XYZ). The Inter-School Oratorical Competition organised by the Government of India in the Kamani Hall o ‘Women Empowerment’ was a great success. About thirty teams represented schools from different parts of Gujarat. The hall was packed to its maximum capacity. 

As usual, Kendriya Vidyalaya Vadodra was considered to be the favourite. Every team had two speakers. One spoke for the motion and the other against it. I represented ABC’s team with Ravi. We were the last team to speak on the topic. Ravispoke against the motion. Unfortunately, he was far below his best. I was a bit nervous when my name was announced. 

Soon I w in my true element. I defended giving more powers to women. I support reservation for women in the Parliament, state legislatures and in jobs. Women can do everything that men can do and still be women. They are more competent and less corrupt than their counterparts. I knew I spoke rather well No doubt, Kendriya Vidyalaya was the winner again. 

But my joy knew no bounds when I adjudged the best speaker and won the first prize at the state level. I thanked everybody and of course, my stars for achieving this rare honour.

Q. 18. Write a report in about 100 words on a One Day Cricket match played by your school (i.e., Cambridge Sr. Sc. School) against Vinoba Bhaw Sr. School, Hazaribagh (Invent details).

ONE-DAY CRICKET MATCH BETWEEN TWO SCHOOLS Hazaribagh, 25th December 2005. 


The One Day Cricket Match between Cambridge Sr. Sc. School and Vinoba Bhave Senior Secondary School, Hazaribagh drew a big enthusiastic crowd. The match was held at Cambridge Sr. Sec. School. 

Students from both schools gathered an hour before the match began. Our Captain Mukesh won the toss and was elected to bat. Our opening was disastrous. We lost three wickets and the scoreboard showed only twenty runs. A century partnership between Mukesh and Saurabh helped us to end with a respectable score of 230 runs. 

Vinoba bhave Sr. Sec. The school opened the innings with a bang. Their openers made one hundred ten runs before they lost their first wicket. After that came to their sudden collapse. Our spinners clicked. The whole team was sent to the pavilion on a modest total of 190 runs. We won a convincing victory. We won by forty runs. 

Q. 19. You are Usha / Umesh. The World Book Fair which lasted for a month in your city was a hot topic for all book lovers. Write a report on it in about 125 words for publication in a newspaper.



Ranchi, 15th March 2005 (Usha). The World Book Fair which lasted for a month in the Pragati Maidan evoked quite an enthusiastic response among book lovers. Almost all the leading publishing houses in Europe, America Australia participated in the Fair. Many Asian countries, particularly China, Japan and Pakistan also registered their presence at the World Book Fair. Children’s Literature and general books for children stole the limelight Books on computers also did good business. 

Science and engineering books were also in demand. But the cost of books was beyond the reach of the middle classes and the lower-income groups. It was a big dampener. School and college students showed quite a keen interest in the book fair. By all means, the World Book Fair was a grand success. It has revived the eroding reading habit among the common people.

Q. 20. You are Rajat / Ranjita. The other day you participated in an inter-school debate competition as a contestant, organized by the Lions Club of your area, in which you spoke for the motion and stood first. The topic for the debate was ‘In the opinion of the house, free education up to the Secondary level is the fundamental right of every Indian Child’ Write a report on this event in not more than 100 words for publication in your school magazine.



Deoghar: March 30, 2005. In the inter-school debate competition organised by the Lions Club, Green Park, teams from twenty schools of Deoghar registered their participation. The topic for the debate was “In the opinion of the house, free education up to the Secondary level is the fundamental right of every Indian child”. Ranjita was from Modern Public School, Deoghar

Strong arguments and wonderful communication skills kept the audience spellbound. Our turn came just after Ramkrishna Public School, Station Road, the team that won the trophy last year. 

It was a great challenge to beat them but we adopted a well-planned strategy. I rose to speak for the motion. I made mincemeat of those who spoke against the motion with my pungent humour, sarcastic remarks and sound reasoning. 

Ranjita also spoke well. I screamed with joy when the judges announced that I was the best debater of the evening. Ranjita was the first to congratulate me. I felt sorry for the poor girl as she had to be contented with only a consolation prize.


Q. Are writing reports and factual descriptions the same thing?

For periodicals and newspapers, third-person articles and reports are written. Writing a report involves accurately describing events.

Q. What does Class 12 of a report or factual description entail?

A Factual Description is a writing assignment that factually defines a person, location, object, or process.

Q. What two sorts of reports may students in grade 12 write?

A: The two formats for writing reports are those used in newspapers and magazines.

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