VVI MCQs Class 12 Geography Chapter 3 Population Composition with Answers

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If are you looking for questions and answers To the MCQs Class 12 Geography Chapter 3 then this website is for you.

So students, after reading this article, you will get very high marks in the exam from this chapter because all the exam-related questions are described in it, so read it thoroughly.

I have been a 12th topper myself and I know what kind of questions are asked in the 12th exam. Presently, I am also playing the role of a teacher, and also make my students practice important information and topics of class 12th. I have written this article with my experience of more than 5 years. With the help of this post, you will be able to score very good marks in Geography from this chapter in the exam.

VVI MCQs Class 12 Geography Chapter 3 Population Composition with Answers

Chapter No03
ProvidingVvi questions & answers
Chapter NameHuman Settlements
Medium English / Political Science
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MCQs Class 12 Geography Chapter 3 In Hindi

1. Which of the following has the lowest sex ratio in UAE?

(a) Selected migration of male working population

(b) High birth rate of males

(c) Low birth rate of women

(d) high emigration of women

2. Which of the following number represents the working age group of the population?

(a) 15 to 65 years

(b) 15 to 66 years

(c) 15 to 64 years

(d) 15 to 59 years

3, Which of the following country has the highest sex ratio in the world? (BSEB, 2018)

(a) Latvia

(b) Japan

(c) United Arab Emirates

(d) France

4. Which of the following is not an age group?

(a) 0-14 years

(b) 15-59 years

(c) above 60 years

((d)) above 70 years

5. The most urbanized country in the world is-

(a) United States of America

(b) Great Britain

(c) Australia

(d) Egypt

6. The name of the country with 100 per cent urban population is: 

(a) Singapore

(b) Thailand

(c) Japan

(d) Indonesia

7. The average sex ratio in the world’s population is-

(a) 950

(b) 970

(c) 990

(d) 1010

8. In most countries of Europe, the number of men is less than that of women, due to-

(a) Your birth rate

(b) better position of women in the society

(c) male-dominated emigration

(d) both B and C

9. In the year 2015, the lowest sex ratio in the world (308 females per thousand males) was-

(a) In Kuwait

(b) in the United Arab Emirates

(c) in Saudi Arabia

(b) inline

10. The reason for getting a high sex ratio in most of the urban areas of developed nations is-

(a) Getting more means of employment in the urban area.

(b) Higher participation of men in agricultural work in rural areas

(c) female-dominated migration from rural areas to urban areas

(d) all of the above

11. Age-sex pyramid of Bangladesh is related to which one of the following-

(a) Triangular pyramid with wide base

(b) Triangular pyramid with a narrow base

(c) Bell-shaped pyramid

(d) Narrow base and conical pyramid

12. An economy with industries and infrastructure provides employment to the more working population in which of the following sector/sectors-

(a) The second

(b) tertiary

(c) quartile

(b) all of these

13. Common uses for age pyramid are-

(a) age groups with an interval of 5 or 10 years

(b) age groups with an interval of 10 or 20 years

(c) age groups with an interval of 2 or 10 years

(d) age groups with an interval of 15 or 20 years

14. The broad base of the pyramid and the rapidly tapering top-

(a) Increasing birth rate and high death rate

(b) Declining birth rate and low death rate

(c) both ‘A’ and ‘B’

(d) Both ‘a’ and (b) do not show

15. Adult age group-

(a) 15 to 59 years

(b) 10 to 40 years

(c) 20 to 60 years

(d) 5 to 35 years

16, Sex composition of the population

(a) between men and women

(b) between children and adults

(c) Both A and B have a sex ratio.

(d) neither A nor B

17, On what basis is the rural-urban division done in most of countries?

(a) Pyramid

(b) shape point

(c) table

(d) A, B, C

18, The urban population of the world is increasing every year-

(a) 8 crores

(b) 5 crores,

(c) 6 crores

(d) 4 crores

19, What is the proportion of the literate population in a country an indicator of?

(a) security

(b) cultural development

(c) Socio-economic development 

(d) political development

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20, The literacy rate in India indicates the percentage of the population above the age of how many years who can read and write.

(a) More than 7 years

(b) more than 10 years

(c) more than 5 years

(d) above 21 years

21, Why is the sex ratio in the urban areas of Asia also favourable to men?

(a) Male-dominated migration

(b) female dominated migration

(c) Due to the excess of women

(d) Due to an abundance of employment opportunities

22, What are the different levels in rural and urban areas?

(b) business structure

(a) Age-sex association

(c) density of population

(d) All

23, What do the narrow base and the conical top of the Pyramid of Japan represent?

(a) High birth rate

(b) high death rate

(c) Low birth rate and death rate

(d) none of these

24, What shape is the age-sex pyramid of Australia which tapers towards the top?Does it happen? 

(a) Square

(b) triangular

(c) bell shaped

(d) the shape of the top of the temple

25, Which has the lowest sex ratio?

(a) China

(b) India

(c) Saudi Arabia

((d)) all in

26, Are you a pyramid-shaped penis in Nigeria?

(a) Triangular

(b) square

(c) circular

(d) Octagonal

27, On which of the following grounds can people be separated?

(a) age

(b) gender

(c) place of residence

(d) all

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